I’m Jani, and artist, activist and creative being.

My mission is to use art to explore a wild and creative life for me and for others – in fact I think it’s vital at this stage in human history that people reconnect with their creative selves and the cycles of nature.

I also run The Art House, a gallery, venue and cafe in Southampton.   Bringing people together in spaces where they can explore creative living, grassroots activism and untamed self-discovery is what I love to do.  In my private coaching circle, I work with artists, performers, writers and makers who want to share and sell their art without compromising their principles or creative vision (it’s great fun!).

On this site I share a wide variety of stuff (if you are looking for some slick coaching experience you are going to be disappointed!) including my own visual art and writing, blog posts about everything from creative business to intersectional feminism, progressive politics and recipes for herbal goodies.

I hope you enjoy exploring this corner of my world!  You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.