Where is your creative life right now?

Are you in Spring – just starting out your creative life, or returning to it after a long time?  Are you just starting out on a new creative project?

Perhaps Summer, where you’ve made some new art and want to share it with the world, maybe even make your living doing this!

You may be in Autumn – that stage where you’re gathering your resources, building your audience, getting rid of what you don’t need – and dealing with overwhelm!

Or you may be in deepest Winter.  The most challenging part where ideas are forming, depths are being delved, but not much is being made.  You may feel stuck here, or even a little afraid.

Wherever you are, I am pleased you are here!

I’m Jani, and artist and creativity coach with a strong belief that creativity doesn’t work the way we were told it does.  

You weren’t born or not born an artist.  Creativity is the birthright of every human on this planet and, if you are privileged enough to be reading this, you are among the lucky ones who get a chance to explore the creative life.

In our technological world, many of us have lost the natural flow of our creativity, and this loss is felt as a deep longing – a longing I think brought you here.

I work with a technique called ‘JourneySpiral’ to tune people into their innate creative rhythms – rhythms that don’t make sense in a linear, mechanical way but in the same way the way that Nature’s systems work.

The Spiral allows us to work within the seasons and stages of our creativity.  It can be truly transformative and life-changing!

To find out more and to access many free resources for each stage, I invite you to join my online community (it’s free) and start dancing the Spiral with me!



Thanks so much for visiting here!

Love, glitter & swirls of colour to you,