I’m Jani, and artist, activist and creative being and creator of the JourneySpiral creative oracle cards.

I’m here for art.

Getting art made.  Not decorations.  Not commodities.  Visual, performance, written, ritual work that moves the whole world forward – particularly any creative acts which address our disconnect from nature and our destruction of our biosphere, and any acts of art which disrupt the power structures which threaten our ecosystem and our communities.

Particularly grassroots art.  Women’s art, folk art, street art, art from cultures, communities, identities and subcultures not usually embraced by the ‘mainstream’ art world.

Making it myself, encouraging and supporting other artists to make it.  Holding a space where art can happen.

I run The Art House, a community nonprofit gallery, venue and cafe in Southampton.

On this site I share a wide variety of stuff including my own visual art and writing, blog posts about everything from creative business to intersectional feminism, progressive politics and occasional recipes for herbal goodies.

I hope you enjoy exploring this corner of my world!  You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.