Hello, I’m Jani and I’m very pleased you are here!

My job is to remind people what it feels like to be deep in creative flow, confident, unafraid and utterly enchanted with life.

Living more creatively opens up your world.  1459254_688978351136772_87694152_n

Even if you think you aren’t creative at all, or haven’t claimed the title ‘artist’ yet, I can show you ways to make life more fun, more positive, more sparkly than you can imagine!

Engaging with the arts and with nature, and living expressively is a proven, down-to-earth way to enhance your wellbeing, give you a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

I can’t promise to tell you exactly where the journey will take you, but I can promise you that it will be further, deeper and wider than you can imagine.

This site has many resources for you.   Whether you’re rediscovering your creative self after a long absence, or an artist ready to step up to the next level, there are so many ways I can support you.  If this is your first visit, take a look at the ‘new here‘ page and find out more about me here.

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