Engaging with your own creativity is one of the keys to a happy, fulfilled life – you know this (that’s why you came here!).

You also know that, in times of life transition, challenge and stress, being creative can be a valuable tool in supporting you in many ways.  But, as luck would have it, so many aspects of life seem to clash with our need to be creative!  It seems that the more we need art, the more obstacles appear in our attempts to make and enjoy it.

Making those obstacles into interesting bumps-in-the-road is my calling in life – so if you’re relating to all of this, you are in a good place.

I’m Jani and I’d like to share some powerful tools with you for living more creatively.  Not just making art (although you’ll do that, too) but integrating art into your everyday life.

I am an artist, I run a community arts cafe and I work with people from all walks of life to bring them back to their inner artist.

I love tea(a lot of tea), trees, spirals, drumming, and parrots – not necessarily in that order.


Whether you’re rediscovering your creative self after a long absence, or an artist ready to step up to the next level, there are so many ways I can support you.  If this is your first visit, take a look at the ‘new here‘ page and find out more about me here.

Thanks for visiting, please stick around and explore for a while please take my latest free class!

I am excited about connecting with you and sharing your exciting creative journey.

Thanks so much for visiting here!

Love, glitter & swirls of colour to you,