I’m Jani, and artist, musician and creativity coach with a strong belief that creativity doesn’t work the way we have often been told it does.  

You’ve probably told that being an artist is something you are born with.  You may even have had experiences early in life of people telling you that you are not ‘good enough’ to be an artist – teachers, parents, or other adults may have made unkind comments which caused you to give up doing the creative things you once loved to do.

Let me tell you something – Creativity is the birthright of every human on this planet.  Humans are naturally VERY creative, all of us are!

In our technological world, many of us have lost the natural flow of our creativity, and this loss is felt as a deep longing – a longing which may have brought you here.

My life and art are about exploring how to get back to that natural, wild creativity I know we all have within us.  I work with a technique called ‘JourneySpiral’ to tune you into their innate creative rhythms.  These rhythms that don’t make sense in a linear, mechanical way but in the same way the way that Nature’s systems work.

The Spiral allows us to work within the seasons and stages of our creativity.  It can be truly transformative and life-changing!


Love, glitter & swirls of rainbows to you,