Hello, I’m Jani, guide to people who want to reclaim their creative selves.  I use online resources, virtual and real-life courses and workshops to build your energy, confidence and motivation – and tackle practical problems like finding the time, space, energy and resources you need to make art.

I do this because I know that being creative makes life more colourful, more purposeful and more connected – not to mention a lot more FUN!

My passion is providing down-to-earth tools and connecting you with other creative people, so that you can support one another – in fact I’ve created a real-life Arts venue and a virtual online circle which are both making wonderful changes to the lives people just like you.


Engaging with the arts and with your own creativity is key to a happy, fulfilled life – we all know this, right?

We also know that, in times of life transition, challenge and stress, being creative can be a valuable tool in supporting us in many ways.  But, as luck would have it, so many aspects of life seem to clash with our need to be creative.

This site has many resources for you.   Whether you’re rediscovering your creative self after a long absence, or an artist ready to step up to the next level, there are so many ways I can support you.  If this is your first visit, take a look at the ‘new here‘ page and find out more about me here.

Thanks for visiting, please stick around and explore for a while and don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook too.

Thanks so much for visiting here!

Love, glitter & bubbles,




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