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Everyday Enchantment is a new eCourse, designed to guide and support you through simple, practical steps to:

enchanted– Have more time to be creative

– Access inspiration and motivation when you need it, ………. no matter what else is going on in your life!

– Bust through common blocks that have been undermining your creativity

– Get the momentum to start, sustain and (most importantly) finish projects!

– Be filled with confidence to experiment and share your creations


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Some signs that you may need enchanting

– You long for more time to do creative things, but can’t seem to fit it in.

– You get creative ideas, but never seem to be able to stick with them long enough to get any real results.

– You aren’t exactly unhappy with your life, but feel you could be getting more pleasure from it, somehow!

– You long for a community of people to support and encourage you, perhaps your family or people around you don’t really ‘get’ your desire to be creative.

Ze practical details

Your life already feels overwhelming, I get it, so this eCourse is delivered in small chunks over 12 weeks.

You will also get lifetime membership to The Bubbling Well online creativity circle, where you can access the course materials for as long as you need them. Each week, you will get an email and short video tutorial with a focus for the week and very easy-to-complete exercises. 12 weeks is enough time to experiment, play, connect with the others on the journey and catch up when you need to.

Week One – The language of Enchantment

Gain an understanding of the practice of Enchantment by playing with words, images and symbols that mean something to YOU personally.

Week Two – The tools of Enchantment

Build a toolkit of goodies to help you bring more time for creative exploration and fun into your life!

Week Three – Enchanted Places

Infuse your everyday spaces with magical imaginings, and connect on a deep level with your local landscape (this practice alone will bring huge changes!)

Week Four – The Enchanted Year

Learn about using the seasons and special celebrations to inspire and motivate you all year round.

Week Five – Enchanted Idleness

A rest week, where you will learn the importance of Doing Absolutely Nothing and learn to embrace fallow times!

Week Six – Enchanted YOU

A week of self-adoration, esteem boosting and celebrating your unique gorgeousness.

Week Seven – Enchanted Connections

A focus on the Facebook group, enabling sharing and connection with others online, as well as exploring ways of enchanting your relationships in the non-virtual world!

Week Eight – Enchanted Retreat

Exploring ways to take time out for you, without feeling guilty when you do it (which defeats the purpose, right?!).

Week Nine – Enchanted Action Taking

Time to take some actions, with gentle accountability from Jani and the private Facebook group!

Week Ten – Your Enchanted Home

Grounding and fun with simple, inexpensive ideas to bring magic into your living space.

Week Eleven – Integrating Enchantment

Fostering an ongoing practice of Enchantment in your life.

Week Twelve – Enchanted Every Day

A look back at the journey, and a look forward to a more Enchanted life for YOU!

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The journey will be paced in an organic, natural way which will allow you to slow down, speed up and engage at a speed which works for you and your lifestyle!

If you, like me, worry that life may step in and stop you finishing, we have that totally covered.

You will be invited to join ALL future journeys of this eCourse at absolutely no cost to you. Along with lifetime membership to The Bubbling Well, where you will continue to get resources and support for as long as you need it. I understand how much ongoing encouragement can help!

An Enchanted Note for you……

Hello! I’m Jani, artist, nature lover and social entrepreneur.

I have been where you might be now – knowing that I wanted more time, space and inspiration but having no real idea how to start.

Quite by accident, I discovered small ways to make big changes, over time. My levels of energy, motivation and general positivity have grown over the years, and I now make art, run an art gallery & cafe and create online resources for folks just like you. I’m no more talented, hardworking or clever than anyone else. I just use a range of small, sustainable, everyday practices to keep my creative dreams on course.

I’m so excited to share these with you in what will be my longest (and deepest) eCourse yet!

I do hope you decide to join us, xxxx

We start on 1 June 2014 – and there are 10 early registration places waiting to be snapped up!


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