5 Days of Enchantment – Day 2

5 Days of Enchantment is a mini eCourse for you, designed to give you simple ways to stay in touch with your centre, be more creative and have more time, energy and inspiration.

In the second playshop, I share a way of using something you do regularly as a practice to support your creative being – and invite you to join me in a drink!

If you enjoyed this playshop, you will adore the Everyday Enchantment eCourse in which I share every one of my creative, symbolic and playful practices covering all areas of life – from Enchanted homes and friendships to Enchanted idleness (my favourite!)

Enchanted Blogalong

Some inspiring creatives will be blogging about their own journey through these exercises – check them out here!

A Cat-like Curiosity – Sarah Leonard

Emerging Creatively – Kimberlie Kohler 

Everyday Wonders – Louise Allen

Greenhart Creativity Studio – Maddie Millet

Hands and Harts – Janelle Marks

Michaela Bennison 

Mistletoeoak – Lisa

Red Squirrel Crafts – Beth Currie

Rita Williamson Designs

Solstice Dreamer

The Creating Room – Susan Sontra

Quirk Strangeness and Charm – Lynne




5 Days of Enchantment – Day 2 — 7 Comments

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  2. I had to smile when you talk about windbaths. we have no lack of wind here and there is a gentle rolling to my yard. I cn easily find a high point.
    Although, to get to the HIGHEST point I would stand on the septic mound,
    I envision myself as Maria in the Sound of Music – arms out stretched.

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