5 tips to make your life more fabulous

I often mentor & work with people who tell me they’ve been pretty fed up with life, it seems to be our special disease in the West…. being fed up and feeling something isn’t ‘quite right’.

The thing is, every day you feel like this you are robbing yourself of the lovely life you could be having, so when you feel this way, what can you do about it?

There are hundreds of theories as to why this we feel this sense of unhappiness, even though we are so much better off that most people in the world.  I’m not going to go into those, because sometimes I think it’s more important just to get on with the business of feeling better.

Here are my own top 5 ways to feel less of the Bleurgh and more of the Whoop!

1) Connect with positive people.  It used to be hard, but now it’s as simple as googling the word ‘positive’ and seeing what comes up.  You can do this right away whilst you’re online – join some Facebook groups, sign up for some positive inbox joy (I’ve listed a few of my favourites below).

2) Next, go out and find local people who are gathering for fun & upbeat reasons – like my friend who runs a Positive Living Group in a neighbouring town.  Getting out there will instantly connect you with more people and there’s nothing like community to make you feel marvelous.  If there isn’t a group near you, why not start one?

3) Get creative.  I don’t just mean make art (though by all means, do that!) – make your home, the way you dress, what you eat and how you do EVERYTHING a creative statement.  This is so much fun for you, and will delight people around you.  Bonus!

4) Keep a journal and record stuff you are grateful for in it, write up your  dreams, unburden yourself of fears (not too much time on these or you’ll feed the little blighters).

5) Watch the self-talk. If you often indulge in speaking to yourself in a way you’d never speak to anyone else, putting yourself down, telling yourself off and generally being mean as hell to your own self, cut it out!  (Warning – we all fall into negative inner dialogue sometimes, the trick is to catch it and end it – not to beat yourself up for having it in the first place – you’re only human!).

Bonus & probably the most powerful tip

Cut the TV and other media news.  There is no need to watch or listen to the news three or four times a day, or to read the paper every day, or to listen to the radio news on the hour.

Most news stories are pretty grim and are only going to make you feel down and helpless.  Listening to bad stories all day can also add to this feeling that things aren’t right – when in fact the reason the bad stuff makes the news is that it’s RARE!

Sign up for campaign alerts so that you don’t miss the world events you CAN do something about, but otherwise keep your exposure to news media to a minimum.

Positive websites:

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Brave Girls Club
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