Affiliate Welcome!

Affiliate info – all you need to know

It’s time to get busy on Twitter, Facebook & post on your blog!

How do I get paid?

You will need a Paypal account, so that I can pay you. I cannot make payments any other way – but setting up on Paypal is very simple.

How much money will I make?

50% of the total price will go to you, for any of my products somebody buys using your link to my site.


Once you have joined the affiliate programme: Keep track of your earnings on the e-junkie affiliates page.

All of your event affiliate programmes will be listed here, along with basic stats and earnings.

For more answers to the tech questions, please visit e-junkie’s help page for affiliates.

How do I promote your stuff?

* Review my stuff on your Blog – share your experiences with it, post pictures of your ‘coursework, share what you are learning.

* Interview me (get in touch by email – – to arrange this)

* Send it out on your mailing list

* Tweet about it!

* Post about it on Facebook

* Email friends or clients you think would love my stuff.

* Grab the images on this page & use them on your website, blog sidebars, social media……

What are the best ways to make many coinages of joy? I shall tell you!

Share things often.

The more people hear about something, the more likely they are to buy it. The more you talk about my stuff, the more sales will happen – yay!

Host a guest video blog

Oh yes indeed, I am happy for you to post my FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS on your blog, click ‘share’ on the video and grab an embed code, to have Jani TV over at your place – don’t forget to include your unique affiliate link when you do this to make sure it’s tracked to you.

Review my stuff

You trust reviews by people you know, so do I – if you write a yummy review then people are going to want in on the glittery action. When will I get paid?All affiliates are paid after the course starts, within seven days usually, by Paypal. For e-Kit purchases, you will be paid on the 7th of the following month, once payment has cleared from the person using your links.

Can I get commission on my own purchases?

No, sorry! 🙂

What if some of my commissions disappear?

This will mean that a refund has been made to the person buying the course. This is very rare but may happen from time to time.

What is a ‘pending’ commission?

It means that I am waiting for payment from the other person, and you will get paid only once it clears.

Can I get paid for purchases by friends who didn’t use my affiliate link?

No, I can only make payment on referrals who use your links – which is why is it so important to use your unique link whenever you post.

Should I ask people to contact you to let you know that I’m due a commission?

No need! If they have used your link, it will all happen by computer-magic.

What if somebody comes back to your website through a normal link another day and buys something?

According to e-junkie: “Clicking your Hop Link sets a cookie in the buyer’s browser which expires in 6 months, then we redirect them to the seller’s page.

Every affiliate-eligible product that buyer purchases from that seller during the life of that cookie will earn you a commission, even if they go back to the seller’s site directly later without clicking through your link again.” I think this means that, even if a person doesn’t buy the first time they click your affiliate link, if they come back within 6 months e-junkie should magically know it’s them and still count it.

How do I promote your stuff?

You can use the images below, simply by hovering your mouse over them, right clicking and selecting ‘Save image as’ and saving it to your desktop or a folder. TECH STUFF Gosh, the links are very long, what can I do? Use the website Tinyurl to make the long link short!

How do I make a text link?

Start by copying this code:- <a href=””>Click here to visit Jani’s website</a>

Paste that code in your website where you want the text link to appear.

In the example, the URL is Delete my web address (in red), and replace it with your own affiliate web address (URL) which you will get from e-junkie.

You can also delete the example text, and replace it with whatever you’d like your text link to say.

How do I make an image link?

First, copy this example code to make a link to my website

<a href=”“><img src=”replace this with the image URL you copy as per instructions below“></a>

Again, the bits in red are the bits you will want to replace 🙂

First, replace with your own affiliate code.

Now, select an image:- Hover over the image you want to use below, right click and select ‘Copy image URL’ and replace the red section after <img src=”  with the image URL you just copied below

Alternatively, you can right click on any image, download it, and re-upload it to your own site (this is a little more fiddly).

Some images for you to use

banner for web
Presto!  Aren’t we clever 🙂
If you are still confused about links, then I’m afraid we just reached the end of my knowledge on the subject – but here is a handy place to look.