An Easter message if you’re not enjoying holiday family time! 

Enchanted thoughts are with all my friends who during this Easter Weekend are dealing with ‘family stuff’, as is often the case over holidays.

Families are super challenging classrooms for our growth, n’est-ce pas?

Especially if you’re living an alternative, heartfelt life as many of you I know are. 

Going home to see family or having them stay with you can be a challenge, especially being around negativity, TV etc and being reminded of past issues.

Try to resist the urge to change your family, but allow the things they trigger to highlight what you need to heal.

Give yourself time alone – walks, naps, reading quietly, journalling  – to avoid interaction overload.

Try familiar foods and routines from home if you feel all discombobulated and fluffed up.


Try not to overeat!  But have some comfort foods if you want them.  

Most of all remember that you truly love your crooked, silly, triggering, f-upped family and you’ve chosen to be there with them 🙂 

Happy Easter weekend to you all! 

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