Announcement: It’s SPRING and time for some changes!

It’s getting very springlike out there at the moment. Missy is out on the back patio catching some rays and singing at the neighbours, green shoots are showing through the dead leaves and there are little buds on trees and frogspawn in the pond!

I’ll be honest, this has not been a great winter.

Like many people living far North I get ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ when the daylight hours are short, as my body thinks it’s always time to sleep. This slows me down, and I don’t like to be slowed down, not one bit!

Winter is a great time to let things gestate, to slow down and reflect. Sadly, in our culture this is sometimes very hard to do. The winter months are the busiest for The Art House and January brings an avalanche of emails from people wanting to start something new.

I don’t personally think January is a good time to start anything!

Luckily, I have a supportive group of people around me, and very understanding friends who know why I suddenly don’t come to parties and stuff. With a lot of my work being computer based, I do manage to keep doing my thing during the dark months, but these first signs of Spring are a huge relief to me.

This winter has been hugely supported by my journaling practice, which is why I do it!

Spring is MY time to start new things. To clear out what isn’t working for me and to learn the lessons from the darker months. I know that the things that make me feel low, tired and listless in the winter are the very things I need to change, or transform when Spring comes. 

I see it as a positive thing, a way of tuning into my inner wisdom.

So, last night I had a bit of an “episode”. One of those moments where something that just isn’t quite right bubbles to the surface and goes ‘HELLO’ in a loud and doomy voice.

I’m thankful for these moments, believe me, they’re all part of the guidance system I rely on, messy as they are at the time.

Very cathartic, also. Cathartic and a bit snotty, to tell the truth.

Anyway, what I realised in a tearful fit of overwhelm, financial worries and exhaustion is that some things are going to need a bit of tweaking, so that this wonderful work I love to do can nourish me as well as the people I work with.

So, what does this mean for the glittery tribe of people who use my resources?

It means I will be slowing down a little, working smarter and making sure I am fully present for YOU.

Here is a quick rundown:-

My flagship eCourse “UnEarth your Creative Naturewill run for the last time as a free group journey at the start of April. After that, it will be a bonus lovely ‘thank you’ to people who register for my other courses early, to prepare them for the courses they have booked on, but it won’t be available on it’s own as a free course again (so, you know, sign up for it now!).

I will be developing ‘Creative Being’ as a worldwide creative arts club and creating a brand new freebie for my website, which will be sent to everyone who is already on my mailing list, too. 

This will be a short, lovely ‘booster kit’ for your creative being, to introduce you to how I work. It will involve drinking tea and covering things in colour and glitter – it will ROCK!

The weekly ‘Creative Being’ prompts are causing overwhelm not only for me, I think, but for the people I send them to. Getting a prompt a week just seems a bit relentless and I’ve noticed that many people in the Facebook group are still working on prompts from previous weeks. Instead, I am going to create more intricate prompts for each month, which will give everyone a chance to work on things longer and start each month with a yummy creative shot of inspiration. 

This will be my FREE offering, sustaining my community and keeping me inspired, too.

My two existing eCourses, ‘Follow the Butterflies’ and ‘Creative Journaling’ will run group journeys less frequently, and never at the same time. This means I am focussed on one group at a time, which is how I need to work. As I said, early signups for these courses will get ‘UnEarth your Creative Nature’ free, so that they can have a longer journey with me.  The courses will also be available year round as a self-study thing.

When an eCourse is running, I will have ‘Tea Parties’ in the private Facebook groups each week, where I will let people know when I’m ‘there’ at a specific time. This will reduce the number of times I’m checking groups and allow me to connect more directly with people who have questions. The times for these will vary, so that they will be accessible to as many people as possible. Of course, all the postings from the ‘Tea Parties’ will be there for people to read whenever they visit the group.

The ‘UnEarth your Creative Nature’ Facebook group will be gradually migrated over to the ‘Creativebeings’ group, reducing the number of groups I’m administering. This will be done very slowly and not until long after the last free course ends!

All of these changes will mean that, instead of being caught up on a treadmill of promoting the next course, planning the current one and supporting people on three different courses, I will have time to create new stuff for you, too.

Which is what I really want to be doing!

I hope that these changes all make sense to you, and you can understand the reasoning behind them.  It’s always hard to make a decision that affects so many other people, but my inner wise self is very clear on this stuff.

None of the courses which are running now will be affected by these changes.

Very clear, and, well, snotty.  You know.

With much glittery love,

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    Announcement: It’s SPRING and time for some changes! — 10 Comments

    1. High fives to stepping into your SHE Power, knowing what you need and making space for it to occur – you’re a woman o’ awesome…

    2. Makes perfect sense Jani. I must admit I thought you had taken on a lot and did want to say something. This will be better for everyone. *Glittery hugs*

    3. What a great outlook and concepts. Thank you for being soo wonderful and sharing this, It’s made me feel better about my struggles over winter and inspired me to action change as well!:) <3

    4. These changes make so much sense, Janni. I wondered how you could manage so many courses at once, and the Art House too! Glad you are simplifying enough that you can create new offerings, and hope you’ll prosper financially as well.

      Sending you bright sunshine and opening buds!
      And a soft cotton hankie 🙂

    5. I’m surprised how many people have gone ‘phew, I was going to say something…..’ Funny how it sometimes takes us longer to see the things that are so obvious to others 🙂

    6. Thanks Kate – it’s amazing how, even though it’s super scary to share my vulnerabilities, it does have great power for others, too. Glad it’s been helpful to you. Have a wonderful Spring! x