Blockmonster Bootcamp FAQs

1) What exactly will this virtual retreat look like?

The retreat is designed as a two-day process, with preparation on the night before you start.

The planned programme is (all times are British time):

Bedtime Friday  – listen to the guided visualisation (either just before or at bedtime)

Day 1 morning (your time) – first email will arrive with links to the video tutorials (3 10 minute tutorials) & first playbook

Day 2 morning  email 2 arrives with another video tutorial and playbook

Day 2 bedtime – listen to the closing visualisation

The private forum at The Bubbling Well will be available to connect with others on the retreat, too.

2) Do I have to take the whole two days off from normal life?

No!  The idea of this virtual retreat is that it can fit in with other commitments.  You will need some time to work through the materials, but there will still be time to do normal ‘stuff’.

If you are able to take a whole two days off for this, then there will be plenty to do, but it’s not necessary to pause your life!

3) How long will I need to do the exercises?

The video tutorials will each be a ‘class’ lasting between 30 & 45 minutes, and you can choose to take longer on some of the exercises if you wish to.  Allow at least an hour each day for the activities.

4) What if I can’t do it all in two days?

The video tutorials, visualisations and playbooks will all be downloadable for you to keep and use whenever you are ready.

5) I don’t do art at the moment – is this still a good retreat for me?

Yes!  The exercises will be simple and fun and require no technical skills at all.

6) What supplies and resources will I need?

Aside from the playbooks you will be sent, which you are able to print if you wish, you will need:

An internet connection which is fast enough to be able to play video (if it works for Youtube you are fine)
Some scissors
A camera or cameraphone
Some pens and pencils
Some magazines, papers and newspapers for collage
(optional!) glitter & other decorative bits

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