Spring herbs – Nettles and Cleavers

Nettles and cleavers

Mama Nature knows what we need at this time of year – cleavers and nettles growing together to boost our energy, give us iron, purify and cleanse the system and fire us up with vigour for the Springtime.

These are good beginner herbs as easy to identify, especially now, and hard to confuse with anything inedible!

Always check another source of anything new to you, to ID for yourself – and never eat anything you aren’t sure of.

Make sure you pick them away from traffic and where dogs haven’t peed on them.

Cleavers or ‘Sticky Willy’ – Galium aparine

Cleavers are a great little wild herb for food and healing, and they are coming up everywhere here in the South of England at the moment.

This little plant looks and feels like a scrubbing brush and is perfect for cleansing the system at the end of winter. Also amusingly known as ‘Sticky Willy’ which pleases my inner naughty child.

Spring tonic, cleanses lymph, cooling in fevers, good for cystitis, immune booster, soothes mucous membranes, reduces inflammation.

Calming & soothing on the emotions, renewed energy, take before a change of direction. Also good for when commitment to something is needed as they are sticky little things!

Winter (Crone Song)

I am the unknown
the most feared
the dark space
when you close your eyes
where you can hide

My hands wrap around threads
to tie them all together
at the end
and say ‘we are complete, it is finished’.

My touch is tender and cold
I come
in the small hours
to wake you with reminders
and sing you back
to sleep.

— JMF 2017

Autumn (Enchantress Song)

My hands are free
to dance
to reach upwards
at last
to fill my arms with sweet fruit.


I wear purple robes
I have dry leaves caught in my silvering hair.


I am unafraid of my own completeness.


I am truly ready to leave tomorrow
if I need to.


I claim this space around me
I claim the stories within me
I claim every second that remains to me.


— JMF 2017

Summer (Mother Song)

The universe rotates around
the tiny sparkling atom
that is you.

My love

builds to a crescendo
of perfect pain and bliss
death and creation
connecting us to the eternal.

My mind
My body
My heart
surround you
as if you were all
that ever existed.

You are mine
but you are not mine
at all.

You belong somewhere
I will not be able to follow
you belong to the future
though you carry all the songs
of our past.

— JMF 2017