5 days into Tr*mpland

He’s silenced the Environmental Protection Agency. Their social media has been inactive since Thursday. Let that sink in for a moment.

The Environmental. Protection. Agency.

That struggle against greed and corporate interests destroying our viable biosphere for most life on earth?

You know, the one only us ‘mad hippies’ went on about and everyone else thought would never come to pass?

We’re here. It’s happening. It’s upon us. We are in the front row.

You can’t just leave this one to a few tree huggers to solve – time to step up now.

This tree hugger, for one, would dearly appreciate the backup at this point, it’s been a long lonely haul and we’re losing. We’re losing.

PS: You will need to do more than recycle.

Welcome new activists!

I having a slightly naughty chortle watching new activists have to go through the learning curve I had my whole 20s to work through, only they have about one week. Schadenfreude (a little) – but mainly admiration.

People in the USA have had a pretty intense week so far.  It’s good to see so many more political posts on Facebook and people going to protests and taking action for the first time ever.

There’s also a lot of very, very full-on debating going on about what the best way to be an activist is (clue:  nobody has the right answer).  We’re all learning, listening, getting our feelings hurt and ideas challenged.

Although I can’t be happy about how this all came about, I am pleased to see so many people stepping up.

Welcome to the revolution, my friends!

PS You never stop learning, you never stop being challenged, you’ll never get to be certain or perfect or right all the time – but you’ll be OK. I’m still bloody clueless but I seem to manage.

Pink pussy hats – and the rest

You can both celebrate the size, diversity and energy of the women’s marches AND listen carefully and learn from those who found elements within them problematic and pay attention to those who felt excluded or sidelined.

That’s a thing you can do.

We try, we move, we act, we get better and better every time.

This is pioneering work. This is social alchemy. If you want neat and tidy with simple rules, this is not the space for you.

‘Artists shouldn’t be political’ Pffft.

None of the great artists in history hid their personal truth, downplayed their identities or avoided difficult social or political issues.

Not one.

It’s not your job to please people, uphold the status quo, to decorate walls with pretty objects or create commodities to feed the art market – it’s your job to push boundaries, ask questions, disturb, uncover truth and envision possibilities.

Yup, that’s your fabric-print friendly artist Frida Kahlo with Leon Trotsky, oh yes it is.