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Blooming Creative

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Blooming Creative is my newest offering!  A three month group coaching, accountability community, mastermind and group coaching journey starting on 29 July 2013.

Limited to just 35 participants, so take a look and see if it’s for you.

*News update:  Just 3 places left as of today, 17 July!

About Blooming Creative

Blooming Creative is a 3 month creative enterprise coaching programme for people who want to, or already are, making a living from their creative or heart-led work.
It’s great for artists, performers, writers, poets, or anyone wanting to make a living in the creative industries.  Guided by a real-life entrepreneur, Jani Franck, who has built a real-life creative business, a hugely successful gallery/cafe from an almost-bankrupt business we took over five and a half years ago.  The Art House is now a thriving venue with 100 volunteers, seven paid staff and a projected turnover of £150K this year.
So I know my stuff on how to make money in the creative market!

We start on Monday 29 July 2013.

Here is a little bit of me talking about it!

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Is it for me?

How much is it?

What will I get?

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For three months, you will get the support, encouragement and community you need to:-

 – Set up and plan your creative biz in a fun and arty way that works for you.

– Manage your transition from a regular income to ‘freelancing’ it.

– Deal with blocks around marketing, pricing and selling your work.

– Leverage social media to sell your work.- Approach galleries, use craft & art markets to advantage and set up online selling.

– Get stuff DONE with gorgeous, gentle accountability for your goals.

Apply NOW 

– I’m asking for applications, as numbers are limited and I want to make sure you & this programme are a good fit.

There are limited places to keep the group a manageable size.  There will be just 35 spaces for this group journey.  Interest is already big, so don’t delay and miss out!

This kind of journey is energy intensive for me, as I give a lot to the group, so I will only run it once a year.

This programme is

– a supported group of creative people.

– a guided journey through the ‘process’ and challenges you are likely to encounter.

This programme is not

– a replacement for proper financial, business, tax or legal advice.  We’ll cover business stuff, including practical stuff, but you will need to seek professional advice for financial and legal specifics,  Jani isn’t a legal bod or accountant!

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What is it?
Is it for me?
What will I get?
How much is it?
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