Blooming FAQs

How does the programme work?

Online learning is a great way to develop your creative biz skills in your own time via downloadable documents, video tutorials, audio tutorials and emails.    In addition to these, this programme has lots of contact with me, via the Facebook group and online ‘meetups’.  If you live near to Southampton, UK, there will be an ‘optional extra’ of joining real life sessions at The Art House for just £5 per session.  There will be tea.
How will I get the materials?
They will be delivered here on this very site, you will also get emails at regular intervals to support you.
The monthly Playbook will be a downloadable PDF (very easy to access and read online, save to keep or print off), the videos and audios will be either downloadable or you can just watch them online.
Wait – do I have to be on Facebook?
To access the private group, which is highly recommended, you will need a Facebook account.   I recognise that not everyone is happy to be on Facebook, but this is the best way to ‘meet’ online without driving the cost of the programme right up.
What if I have any questions, can I get in touch with you? 
Yes!  We will have regular ‘tea parties’ in the Facebook group, live webinars, real-life meetups and you will be able to email me with questions, too.
What is the programme (and what isn’t it)?
There will be a monthly series of exercises, tips, prompts, questions and small, fun challenges.
I am not a business, financial or legal professional, so this is not a substitute for proper business support.There will be a mixture of 

– practical things to do to grow your creative business
– discussions and ‘masterminding’ to share ideas, experiences and encouragement
– gentle accountability and goal setting in a group environment
– personal development and self care, to ensure a holistic approach!
I’m on holiday for some of the time the programme is running, does that mean I can’t join in?
The nature of this programme means there will be plenty of time to do things, revisit, go over and allow things to grow.  This fluid structure will fit around holidays, day jobs, family commitments and life stuff.What will I need?You will need a computer & internet connection that can cope with live videos, and is able to open reasonably large documents in PDF.  All of the materials can be viewed online, so don’t worry too much if you have a slow download time.

You don’t need to be a computer whizz, but will need a basic understanding of how to view and download things from the internet, although I do provide some Tech FAQs, too

How do I sign up?
A lot of the success of this group will depend on a good balance of people who are in a similar ‘place’.  It is also important that people have thought properly about signing up and are ready to join in.
To facilitate this, there is an application form (quite simple) to fill in before you register.  More people will be successful than not, so don’t worry about this!
The application gives me a chance to check the course is a good fit for the stage you are at, and gives you time to consider before registering.
Can I get a refund?

Once the course has started and the materials have been sent to you, I’m afraid I don’t issue refunds.  I have many years experience of teaching, and put a great deal of time and effort into the materials and am convinced that, if you do the work, you will get excellent results and have a lot of fun.
How does the installment option work – do I have to wait till I’ve made the last payment to get the programme?
No, you will start at the same time as everyone!
Paypal will take you through the process of setting up the three installments, it’s very easy.  They will be taken out on the day you register, then one month and two months after that date.Have any other questions?  Please contact me!