The Bubbling Well – Spiral (premium) membership

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The perfect space for your creative dreams to flourish!

It’s a place where you can:

* Make more time for your art

* Feel happier, more confident and clearer – through the support of a wonderful community of likeminded people

* Turn your creative dreams into real projects, with a host of planning tools

* Learn about YOUR unique way of living and working creatively

Fireside is the premium membership at The Bubbling Well creativity circle, giving you access to a wealth of resources, community and support for your creative life

Using the principles of natural, organic creativity which follows the seasons, allowing for peaks and troughs in your energy levels, we will take a journey together to Unearth and to sustain creative living – whether you want to do art as a hobby, or take it further.

Living fully and creatively isn’t easy – otherwise everyone would be doing it.  The key for me has always been Community, ongoing learning and a balance of play and down-to-earth planning!

If you are having trouble with:

* Inner critics telling you that you aren’t a ‘real artist’

* Other responsibilities in life always trumping your creative time and energy

* Friends and family who treat your creativity as a ‘hobby on the side’ instead of the main thing in your life

* Wondering who on earth your audience is, and where to find them

* Wanting to do things in a way that works for YOU, not following some formula for ‘success’

* Not having enough money, or space, to make your art

* General tiredness and frustration as you try to fit everything into your life

I wanted to create a place where you could get ongoing materials and unlimited access to all my eCourses, to take whenever you want, as many times as you need to.  There are also new courses being added all the time!

Seven years ago I created a real-life arts cafe, The Art House, where people could learn, gather and share in all the Arts.  I’ve also led creativity circles for over 10 years – people had been saying to me ‘I wish you were closer to where I live’, which inspired me to create The Bubbling Well!

Spiral membership means you can access everything at The Bubbling Well and take ALL of the JourneySpiral courses during the year you are a member, all included in one price

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This is worth the membership fee all by itself as the courses cost £49.90 individually and I run at least two per year.

You will also get my whole eCourse back catalogue, to take as self-study courses and to keep!

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Worth over £200 if you signed up for each one separately

You will also get:

* Access to the Spiral Library, full of member-only downloadable resources (Value £99)

* Guided visualisations for your to use in your daily life, any time you need them (Value £39)

Total value is estimated at more than £450

Get it all for just £149.90 per year

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You will have a reminder for annual instalment payments with an option to unsubscribe very easily if you choose not to renew.

Or you can spread the payment monthly for £16.90 per month

Pay by installments

Members on instalment plans will have access to the premium library and eCourse back catalogue right away,
and to eCourses as each group journey starts through the year of your membership.
It is taken on trust that people paying by instalments will pay the full year.

By choosing this option, you commit to paying all of the instalments.  Late or missed payments will lead to suspension or cancellation of your membership.

Don’t have a PayPal account?

No problem!

First, click the ‘Buy Now’ button, then click ‘Check out with PayPal’. On the next page, there is an option at the bottom that says ‘Don’t have paypal?’ Click that, and it will give you more options to pay, such as credit or debit card.