The Bubbling Well

narrower headerDoes your creativity get a little stagnant from time to time?  Don’t worry, Creative Being, you are not alone!

If you want to connect with a community of gorgeous arty people from all over the world, and draw your creativity up into the light or your everyday life, then you will love The Bubbling Well.

The Bubbling Well creativity circle is a place for women and men, filled with resources to shift you from stuck to flowing with the help of Jani and a tribe of lovely, creative, supportive people.

Lifetime membership at The Bubbling Well is included with all of my eCourses, giving you a place to continue connecting with likeminded people.

After joining you will find:

* A yummy library of free goodies for your creative being including video playshops, playsheets, downloadable booklets and more.

* ‘The Wellhouse Cafe’ – a forum where you can connect with others, ask questions and share ideas.

* Private groups for eCourses and other adventures, including a free 21 day eCourse ‘UnEarth your Creative Nature’.

* A Private Facebook group where we share, support and explore together.

Lifetime membership of the Bubbling Well is included in your registration fee for any of my eCourses.

Once you have joined, you may decide at any time to opt for premium ‘Fireside’ premium membership, although there is absolutely no pressure to do so.


Fireside membership is for anyone who wants to focus more intensively on their creative growth, develop a solid creative practice and perhaps even move into going pro with your art!

As a Fireside member, you will be able to join in with ALL of Jani’s eCourses during the year of your membership, get eKits and guided visualisations and many extra resources for your development.

Fireside membership gives you access to:

– All Jani’s eCourses, Visualisations, eBooks and eKits, including any new ones!

– Extra premium forums.

– ‘Creative Seasons’ mini eCourses in the orchard, at each turn of the year.

Creative Seasons is ONLY available to Fireside members of this community, I don’t offer this anywhere else.

The Bubbling Well is here to empower you to:-

* Find the time, space and resources to be more creative.

* Build your confidence to make and share your art.

* Overcome creative fears.

* Find your own unique creative voice.

* Get (and stay) motivated.

* Dream, set goals, plan, and take action!

* Find an audience for your creative work.
and even…..

* Make money doing the art that you love to do.



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