Creative Being Prompt – March 2013

You may already have seen my blog post about changes I am making to this virtual art club of ours.  The most significant is that we’ll be doing more detailed, monthlyprompts rather than having a prompt each week.

This will give me more time to work on kits, courses, video tutorials and other goodies for you, as well as making sure I get enough rest and fun time!

For the rest of March, we will be completing the ‘elements’ prompts of earth, air, fire and water, which I know many are still playing around with.

We’ll also be looking at the fifth element.  The element of Spirit.

This for me is a very interesting prompt and I can’t wait to see the results!  One of the things I love about us humans is the diverse interpretations we put on spirituality and the notion of spirit or consciousness.  It’s safe to say that no two people have exactly the same idea of what the word means to them – this photo is of mine & Bik’s Handfasting, where we created a nature-based ceremony that expressed both of our, quite different, ideas of Spirit.  It was a great day!

Some people believe it refers to the emergent property of consciousness, the seemingly magical outcome of millions of years of evolving life on this planet.  Others believe there is literally an invisible, immortal spirit inside them, which exists independently of the things we can see around us.

The word itself means several things – from the supernatural meaning to consciousness or personality, or even to the essence or true meaning of a matter.  It originates from the Latin word ‘Spiritus’ meaning ‘breath’ but also ‘spirit, soul, courage, vigor’.   In many languages, the words for ‘spirit’ and ‘mind’ are the same.

Art originated as a spiritual, Shamanic practice – at least that’s what the evidence of early art points to – and for many it continues to serve this purpose.  Through the ages, the idea of Spirit has inspired beautiful artwork across the globe.

Sometimes, our strongly held views one way or another, or a wish not to impose on others, or even just not really having a clear idea WHAT we think the elusive quality of Spirit is, can make it hard for us to discuss these things.  Art is, in a lot of ways, a far gentler way to express what can be hard to put into usual words.  For the rest of this month, use this prompts to show your own personal interpretation of spirit, and respectfully enjoy how other people see this same thing so very differently.

Enjoy the prompt!

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