Creative Money eCourse

Do you struggle to reconcile your creativity with the need to make money?

Does the thought of making a living from your art fill you with equal measures of excitement and terror?

Are you ready to ditch the Starving Artist persona and break free from money hangups around your creativity?

This self-guided, self-paced journey supports creative people in dealing with money blocks, clarifying their purpose and fostering a positive approach to earning from your art.

This eCourse will help you to:-

* Understand why creative people get freaked out by money stuff.
* Find your own way to handle money.
* Make your art without compromise – and get paid to do it, yay!

You will get:

* a colourful downloadable playbook stuffed with exercises, playsheets and ideas to break through many of the money blocks typical to creative people and get some shiny abundance coming your way!

* A yummy guided visualisation you can use again and again, to picture your goals.

* Two video tutorials tostart you off and finish!

* Four audio tutorials, guiding you through the materials.

* Lifetime basic membership at The Bubbling Well creativity circle to share your ideas and ask questions.

Many of the resources you may have read on money might come across in a way which doesn’t speak to your heart.

Perhaps thinking about money makes you feel uncomfortable, salesy or greedy.

Maybe you’re tired of all the promises of ‘magical money manifesting’ that never seem to lead to real wealth.

As a social entrepreneur and self employed artist, I have learnt a great deal about how to get, manage and keep money and this kit is about sharing those ideas.  It’s a real life set of exercises, including some self-enquiry, some bare-faced truth and lots of encouragement.

As well as my own ideas being in there, there is also a lot of work to do yourself in the form of Playsheets, where you examine your own blocks, ways around them and start to plan for a more abundant future.

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This course deals with:-

– Why creative people have trouble earning and keeping money.

– How to let go of limiting beliefs.

– Lots and lots of ideas and encouragement on how to ‘bridge the gap’ between a regular paid job and living off your art.

– Looking at the worst (and best) case scenarios in a down-to-earth way.

All in a colourful, easy-to-use format that you will actually enjoy interacting with!

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You will also get

– the ‘Creative Money Meditation’ guided visualisation

– Bonus ‘Pricing your Artwork’ mini eKit

– ‘Describing you gorgeous work for sale’ incredibly useful Playsheet to give your artwork the very best chance of finding a home.

I’ve included many of the things I think you’ll need to get you started down the path of earning what you need whilst doing what you love.

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and start earning more for doing the thing that lights you up!

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