If you have a question, take a look here – many of the things I get asked frequently are answered in this section.

How do you pronounce Jani?

To confuse things, there are two ways.

Either Jah-Nee or Yah-Nee ūüôā

I answer to most variations of how you may say my name.


What is your accent?

I grew up in South Africa and have lived in Southern England for over 20 years, so it’s a hybrid.
Jani in 12 words?

Chatty, passionate, sometimes cranky, perfectly imperfect, growing, pioneering, creating, being, loving, dancing.

Spiritual beliefs?

I follow a natural path, celebrating the seasons and connecting with nature and archetypes of Mama Earth, ancient places and myths and stories about places.  I find ritual and symbols to be powerful tools in living a fuller life.

The label ‘Pagan’ suits, if a label is required. ¬†I celebrate and respect all traditions – ¬†including those who choose to stick with science. ¬†All ways are valid ways as far as I can see.

Mine is a very down-to-earth approach, I find myself so filled with wonder at the things around me, that I nourish my inner self with these – the earth, sky, sea and wind – without worrying too much about the unseen, supernatural or an afterlife. ¬†I don’t really do psychic readings, divination or astrology as I haven’t seen any good evidence to convince me these are real enough to base decisions on. ¬†There is a lot of magic in the real world ūüôā

Also, it means getting to hold ceremonies outside.  Win.

Can I ask you for creative or business advice?

I have provided lots of resources here and am adding to them all the time, so make sure you’ve joined my online community, taken a look at the free resources and explored my shop full of useful goodies.

I would love to hang out with you over tea and talk creativity, but the reality for me is that I have very little time even for those close to me, and they are a priority.  If you hang out in my Creative Beings Facebook group, or take one of my courses, I am there a lot and answer many questions.

I’m so creatively stuck, Jani, can you help?

Why not take my Creativity Survey, which asks lots of questions that may get you thinking! ¬†You’ll also be redirected when you submit the survey to a free download of my mini playbook ‘The Creative Dream Guidebook of Awe’.

Don’t forget, if you join my online community you can take my 21 day eCourse ‘UnEarth your Creative Nature’ FREE.

What else do you do?

I make art Рsee the art section for the forms I love to explore Р keep a creative journal and write poetry from time to time.
The community I’ve co-created at The Art House takes up most of my hours, as a director of this busy place I am kept out of mischief planning events, running the business and working with my co-directors Bik, Nina and Zigz.

I also teach in person sometimes, usually at The Art House.

Music is a huge passion for me and I play percussion in two bands – the Djembabes (all female drumming group!) and The Shimmering Bees.

What are you good at?

Art. Convincing people to do crazy things to make their dreams come true!  Covering things in glitter.

Can I send you something by snail mail?

You certainly can, you lovely Being!  My postal address is on the bottom of all my emails so join my online community to get it.

Can I come and visit you at The Art House?

Generally, the answer to this question will be no. ¬†I’m not always there (I do go home quite often!) and, when I am, it is my place of business so I am always working, or taking a much-needed break. ¬†I very rarely actually work in the cafe itself these days.

If you do see me in the cafe, please say hi, let me know who are you are and I will give you a wave – although be aware that I will likely be in the middle of my working day!

My crew are very, very well trained not to come and fetch me if people drop in unless I’ve got an appointment, so please don’t be offended if they say I’m not available.

If you have come from far away, drop me a message to let me know you are coming and I’ll try to make sure I say ‘hi’.

Can I meet up with you for creative or business advice?

I rarely do 1-1 mentoring as it’s very time intensive and, unlike many coaches who do this full time, I also have an on-the-ground social enterprise that takes up most of my time.

If you want support with your journey, take a look in my shop at the many lovely eCourses, Kits and programmes on offer!

Do you do real life sessions?

Indeed I do!  Take a look at my calendar for details of any coming up.  Most of these are at The Art House and I am not currently looking for in-person work elsewhere.

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