How to feel OK about investing in yourself

Hey all!

I was just over in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy using one of her guided meditations, as I’m feeling a bit tired today and needed some energising.

It got me thinking about how worried I was about making the investment in joining her Academy and taking her eCourses.

Knowing now how much they have helped and supported me, I can’t quite believe how long I hesitated over that ‘Buy now’ button!  Aside from anything else, I earned back the joining fee well inside the first month by following the advice there, and simply by feeling more supported.

So, this is a quick note to you – if there is a coach, a programme, a course out there which you feel really called towards, and the only thing stopping you is the money, do yourself a favour.

– Have a sale!
– Save up!
– Indulge in some fun creative economising for a few weeks or months!
– Take your unwanted tat to a car boot sale!
– Chase up any money that people owe you!
– Check your household bills and see if you can get your utilities, insurance etc cheaper!
– Meal plan, cook from scratch, use seasonal veg, to save money on groceries.

Making an investment in yourself is saying YES.  YES to the life you want.  YES to your dreams being important.

I can’t think of anything better to invest in, than your dreams!

If you are looking for some sound business learning, Leonie Dawson, has a new programme called ‘Double your Business‘ and she’s starting a group journey of it on 1 July.  I will be there 🙂 with bells on!

If you are in business in a heart-centered way, it can be really hard to find the support and advice you need.  I stumbled along for over four years with no guidance at all, and was initially really nervous about making the investment in Leonie’s Academy.

I can’t recommend Leonie’s programmes enough.  They are down to earth, actionable, fun and if you do the work, you get results.

I use the resources in the Academy all the time, they are an essential resource for me, I’ve seen a huge increase in my business confidence, money awareness and income since I’ve worked with Leonie.

Full disclosure:  I am an affiliate, however I would never recommend anything I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in – and I’d happily recommend Leonie, commission or no 🙂

Check Leonie talking about the new Double your Business programme here:

Sign up for the Amazing Biz & Life Academy and get this eCourse as well as all of Leonie’s other gorgeous stuff (it is very good value) here.

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