Gifts in the dark places

I spend a lot of time in the good places.  I like to be happy.

Life is, I think, a fabulous gift and it’s here to be enjoyed, to have fun, sprinkle sparkles around and enjoy all of the good things.

candleSo, I’ve worked to live well with depression (that’s probably another blog post!) and spend time dwelling on the good, being grateful, and covering the less shiny things in glitter to show up their hidden brightness.

Like anyone, I’m not keen on hanging out in the dark places of life for too long.

But there are gifts in the dark places, too, and in the last few months I’ve been more in the dark places than the sunny ones.

Life stuff, you know?  Death, illness, negativity, worries.  Also known as: life.

Nothing that I shouldn’t expect as part of being alive, which sure beats the alternative even on a bad day.

Softening into the dark places makes them so much easier to bear.

In those dark places there are some of the best gifts.

The gift of truth – you find out what really matters – and who!

The gift of appreciation – when there are moments of light, you really see them.

The gift of compassion – it’s easier to be there for others, when you aren’t a sparkling beam of joy all the time.  There is companionship, and deep intimacy, in shared sorrow.

The gift of learning – not to repeat mistakes, for one!

The gift of action – reminding you that time is short, so it’s best get on with things whilst you can.

The gift of openness – pain opens you up, even though it’s not a fun way to experience it, it’s necessary so that you can live life fully and truthfully.

The gift of depth – sadness, when experienced fully rather than numb, can get you really plumbing the depths of who you are and bringing up treasures.

The gift of connection – because when you aren’t at your best, you find out who really cares about you, by looking around and seeing who is still there in the midst of the mess.

What are your gifts from the dark places?

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Gifts in the dark places — 6 Comments

  1. Beautifully put, as always Jani. I have been feeling the same lately, the darkness drawing in with the oncoming of winter, always sets my mind to thinking of negatives. But I have learnt some great coping techniques to cushion myself against the worst of them and stop the depression settling itself into my heart for too long. And last week was a struggle! But I kept looking after myself and came out the other side much faster than expected and am feeling quite perky again now. I had to face the fact that constantly pushing myself is not always the right course of action and some times I just need to say “sod off I’m having a rest” 🙂 and it’s working for now! xx

  2. Such an important lesson – to let up on ourselves and take a break – one I am still learning, I have to say 🙂 Enjoy your chillout time!

  3. Thank you Jani for keeping on your journey and sharing as you do. Invaluable inspiration and life injections – you’d think you couldn’t buy what you keep digging for and coming up with and sharing……… so really glad of opportunity to contribute financially. I gain so much – you keep popping up and all so appreciated. Very sincere thanks – Teresa