The health kick took an unexpected turn … and other musings

Time for a sit down and show up post today, I think, just to check in with you all.

The exercise component of my health kick, which was to get to 3 miles running using an app on my iPhone, yielded the unexpected result of highlighting an allergy I seem to have developed.

Not an allergy to running, though it did feel like that to be honest!

It appears I am allergic to pet dander (yes, thanks Missy) and am now on a mission to reduce the dust in my home and boost my poor abused respiratory system.  Which means the running has turned into walking, and yoga, instead, as the insane puffing really wasn’t fun.

In time I hope to build up to some sedate jogging, which I think is more my style than pelting along at speed, anyway!

This month I’ve been burrowed deep in new art, and keeping The Art House healthy through our quiet months, planning for our Autumn programme and making some pretty hefty plans for The Bubbling Well online community, too.

So I’ve been a little quiet blog and newsletter wise.

Which is a big no-no, apparently, but there are only so many hours in a day and I don’t intend to spend most of them at my keyboard!

Everyday Enchantment finishes this week and I’m so pleased particularly with the ‘Enchanted Year’ bonus I created, exploring ways to access enchantment through seasonal adventures and celebrations.  I delved deep into my own annual practices and shared, and it felt lovely to do.

As Autumn arrives I feel an overwhelming urge to prune, to simplify, to pare down to essentials.

This year has been challenging and often tiring, as we went through some big staff changes at The Art House.  By the end of September we should have our new permanent team in place and I hope this will make things feel more settled.

But if it doesn’t, I know to keep eating and sleeping healthily and taking time out for me will always keep ME on an even keel.

Today, I woke up with the beginnings of a cold (hello Autumn) so am keeping warm and out of everyone’s way today.  It feels like a good day to do some pruning on my website, so this is what I am going to do.

Pruning, it’s hard sometimes but so essential for new growth, right?

Getting those shears out!

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