Hold the Bass

Life is noisy and confusing
There is so much going on,
It is easy to forget the notes
Of your own imperfect song.
When you can’t remember where you’re meant to be
and lose your place…
Hold the bass.

262238_10150371061871982_6134945_nPeople may misunderstand you
Every time you try to speak,
To be honest, they’re too busy
To take any time to peek
Into your heart and in your mind
To see where you come from
And, if they try, there’s every chance
They’ll get it really wrong.
Leave them be, and let them leave you
Lots and lots of breathing space.
Hold the bass.

For they are struggling too, you see
With all of their own stuff
And very likely thinking YOU
Don’t really care enough
For them and all the dreadful things
That they are going through.
Well, sometimes they’re ahead
And other times, it will be you.
When you’re dancing your own way
And the world just can’t keep pace,
Hold the bass.

One day we’ll all stop dancing
And our rhythms will fall still
We think that day won’t come, but
You can bet your life, it will.
It’s all about the journey,
Sure as hell it’s not a race.

Hold the bass.


This poem was inspired by my lovely friend Nikki, who was very good indeed at holding the bass in our drum circle and in her life.



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