There’s a hardening of the heart that happens when you love somebody you can’t, shouldn’t, or don’t want to love.

When the love you feel doesn’t exist anywhere but inside of you, so must be ignored and allowed to wash away.  

Your heart scars over and goes numb in places.

Walls surround it and a gate is put up.

The gate says ‘no visitors’.

For a while.

Maybe a long while.

The walls protect the soft parts that are healing, they are not bad walls, but they will make you feel quite sad.

Behind those walls.  Alone.

With your love that is shrinking and twisting, and is not echoed anywhere.

Drying up like an old well.

One night, though, you’ll see some moonlight filter through.

You will feel a softening, and an opening of the gate.

The walls will start to become thinner, as if rain is melting them slowly.  They will fade and the world will open out before you.

The view will have changed whilst you were in there, and it will be a good view.

A new vista onto a different world.

The scars will get so small you can hardly see them, and you will step out and love again, better and deeper, and wiser this time.


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Hope — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Jani… I am having to make some difficult relationship decisions and this really helped me. My hope has threatened to leave today and I let it pack its bags and get to the door… it’s hovering and I’m feeling I must act soon regardless of the consequences… bit scared but gonna do it anyway xx