Any work with fellow humans involves asking for feedback.  Sometimes, this puts can put one in the line of fire for some rampant BS.  

So, to clarify, when I ask for feedback, this is what I mean:

1) Please may I hear your unique, outside or differing viewpoint on a matter, taking into account your own preferences, world view and experiences.  I am interested in what you think and value the fact that you are not like me.

2) Kindly do word it in a polite, friendly and constructive way.

3) Kindly refrain from unfounded assumptions about *my* unique, differing view.  If you are unsure what I mean or why I have done something, please ask nicely and I will explain (excepting things which fall under point 7).

4) Feel free to bring to my attention any mistakes, flaws or poor communication on my part.  I am human and make many, many mistakes.  Do this compassionately, though, for being human I also have feelings, which you can hurt with rough handling.  I refer you to the chorus of this song ‘I am not a Robot‘ by Marina and the Diamonds. 

 See?  Definitely *not* a robot.

5) Above all, treat me as a good person, a kind person with the very best of intentions – because that’s what I am.  Please don’t mistake this for weakness though, that would be a grave error on your part.  

An invitation for feedback is NOT, and please let me be very clear:-

5) “Free rein to sling your own crap at me.”  I don’t want it, I didn’t ask for it, so just don’t.  Seriously.

6) An opportunity to tell me about all that other, unrelated stuff I do that you don’t like, or to offer me unsolicited advice on other matters.

7) Open season for personal remarks and observations.  I am a sovereign being and my private life, appearance and so forth are my own affair.

8) A chance to just have a good old entitled whine at me*.  I don’t respond well at all to that.  Who does?
*Unless you are a toddler, in which case fair enough, but you’d better grow out of it at some stage, you little tinker.
You can rest assured, you will get the same respect from me and, if you don’t, it will be a slip up and I’ll apologise when it is brought to my attention (see points 2 and 4) and maybe send you chocolate to seal the apology.

You can also be quite certain that, should you indulge in any of the actions describes in points 5 – 8, there will be no chocolate.  No, none at all.  


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