Is Blooming Creative for me?

Blooming Creatives may be for you if you:-

Are just starting out as a professional artist in any discipline.

Many of us don’t even know another professional artist when we start out, and there are a lot of questions!  The programme is full of handy things to help you get started, from practical tips to moral support.

Are already up & running, but need more accountability & support

Self employment and small business can be a lonely experience for many creative people.  Most of your friends and family may be in ‘regular’ jobs and may not understand what your working life is like.  Blooming Creative is a place where you can connect with others on a similar journey and share stories.

Have been up & running for some time, but want to take things up a notch.

Many creatives get their business to a good level, and then feel stuck there.  This can be because some of the good foundations you need are a little wobbly, or because you are stretching yourself too thin or focusing on the wrong things.  Blooming Creative will support you with this and help your business to GROW to the size that’s comfortable for you.

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