JourneySpiral eCourse

Starting on 15 April - a very special eCourse Are you overwhelmed with ideas for creative projects?

Is your space littered with things you started with huge enthusiasm only to abandon them unfinished?

Does the way you work at the moment feel clunky, difficult and as if you are forcing your creativity all the time?

Tapping into your natural creative flow not only gets your ideas flowing, it fires up your passion for what you do and keeps that focus long enough to get work from ideas to finish.  The way we’ve been taught to accomplish goals often just does not work for creative people – so I’ve developed a way which does!

JourneySpiral goes way beyond being a time management or planning technique, it’s also different from an automated eCourse or downloadable resource.


Registration for this course is now closed – sorry!

The course will focus very specifically on how to allow new ideas to ‘pop up’ and decide which ones to move ahead with.

It’s all about getting a focus and a plan for finishing your creative work! 

Registration for this course is now closed – sorry!

This fully guided and supported online course runs for 21 days, with a ‘catch up’ week at the end in which the private Facebook group will remain open

This is not a traditional art course, you can join in and benefit from what it has to offer whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not (but chances are by the end, you will!)

In this course, you will learn how to make the technique your own, and apply it both as a planning and motivation tool, and a way of understanding where you are with your current creative life and projects.

This course is for you if:

* You frequently get stuck when you want to do something creative, often starting but not finishing projects, or never getting going at all.

* You know what to do but can’t work up the motivation to do it!

* You start good habits only to drop them and struggle to get focus,

JourneySpiral will make a really big difference for you by giving you a simple, practical way of addressing the things that are blocking your progress.

Working with your natural creative ebbs and flows, up and down days, instead of against them, we will work together over the course to create some magical breakthroughs.

You will learn the ins and outs (see what I did there?!) of the JourneySpiral technique so that you can start applying it to your art and life immediately, with immediate results like:

* More self acceptance and less bashing yourself for ‘failing’

* A clearer idea of your creative goals and how to reach them

* More confidence and a sense of being in control and ‘with the flow’ at the same time (it’s quite a trick!)

And best of all you will have…..

* Finished projects!  Oh yes!

This course is a lot more than a digital download and each journey is unique to the group who take it.   The course is created LIVE as we go, with a private Facebook group where you will get access to feedback and be able to ask questions, with feedback both from Jani and from other people on the course.

Registration for this course is now closed – sorry!

Some feedback from previous participants:

“I just want to say how much I am enjoying this dance, nothing like a challenge to quicken the heart rate.  The sense I am amongst a group of pilgrims is very strong, each on our own personal journey but each connected to the energy of the spiral as we have its shape made true for our selves in word, colour, heart, mind and belly. Thank you each for encouragement, oneness and respect… such a good space to find myself.”  (Daisy)

“… 2 exercise ….fantabulous! ….. I had a project in mind…but when I applied the logic…I realised my gut was shouting a big fat NO….so I changed the project to be a horse and guess what everyone was in agreement…so that’s what I’m doing…Another breakthrough for me”    (Irene)


You will get:

* Regular course emails to keep you on track with journal prompts and extra tips

* 6 fun video playshop sessions to guide, stimulate and challenge you!

* Downloadable and printable playbooks for each session, to use in creating your own ‘JourneyBook’

* Access to the private JourneySpiral Facebook group, where I’ll be on hand to answer questions and where you can connect with others

* Bonus, intuitvely created and very personal, off-the-cuff videos to add to the course as we go, responding to what’s coming up in the group

* Scheduled live ‘Spiral Time’ in the Facebook group where we will hang out and share – the opening and closing circles for the course are live, and there will be a live meetup in the middle, too!

* ‘Into the Spiral’ guided visualisations to download and use again and again

* This is a live course so extras and changes will emerge as we go – but rest assured it will be content rich, relevant to your group and very accessible!


Frequently asked questions


I don’t feel very creative and don’t make art at the moment – will the course be good for me?

Indeed it will – you do not need to be an artist to enjoy learning the JourneySpiral technique, and you can apply it to many areas of your life and work. The exercises are designed for all and do not rely on technical creative skills. As long as you feel a desire to explore a new way of working and being with your creativity, you’ll enjoy this course!

I’m already a professional or experienced artist looking for ways to work more effectively – is this course too basic for me?

This course is hugely about finding your own way of working with the JourneySpiral technique, so you will be able to go as deep as you want to with it. You will find the idea of working in this way challenges and expands your practice in delightful and unexpected ways!  JourneySpiral also works very effectively to support marketing and business for artists in a way that feels natural and creative.

I’m not really wanting to be ‘an artist’, I just like the idea of being more creative – will this technique work for me?

Very much so. JourneySpiral is applicable to many areas of life, especially living more creatively for it’s own sake. It’s likely you will start to see creativity popping up in many different and unexpected parts of your life as you go through the course and beyond, and you may discover creative gifts you never even knew you had!

How long is the course and what will I need in terms of materials?

The course is 14 days, with 7 catchup days at the end where the Facebook group and course circle will remain open.   The materials are very simple, this course will not require you to outlay money on lots of art materials at all.  You will need a notebook or sketchbook (your ‘Journeybook’) and whatever writing and drawing materials you already have.  You may want to use collage as well, so keep some scissors and glue handy.  You will be able to get as creative in your JourneyBook as you like – you can even keep it digitally if you prefer!

I have tried time management techniques or other creativity courses before and I still get blocked, will this course help me?

The JourneySpiral method is specifically designed to allow for life changes and other things which may have blocked your previously happy creative flow. Not only that, it will give you a tool you can use – for life – when you get stuck again.

The huge difference you will find with this course is that Jani is present throughout and adapting and adding to it to suit the group taking any particular journey.
I’m worried about not having the time to do this course – is there a lot of work to do and long videos?

Nope! The course is broken up into very manageable sessions which should take you no more than an hour each week over two sessions, less if you don’t have time, more if you do. You may find that, once you get into the exercises, you spend a lot more time than you planned on them!

The course is also in a variety of formats to enable you to access the materials in your own way, in your own time.

There’s also a catchup week at the end!

Will I be able to get 1-1 coaching

The course is run in circle and is guided, so you will be able to get feedback in the Facebook group as you go, both from Jani and from other people on the course.  1-1 support is not available, however this is a tutored course and Jani will be present throughout – it’s not just a set of automated emails!


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