My superpower

I refuse to see my sensitivity as a weakness.
I refuse to ‘toughen up’ or just laugh and brush off hurts.
My big, soft, open heart is my superpower.  
My vulnerability and ability to feel deeply makes me a better, kinder, wiser version of myself than I ever imagined I could be. 
I believe that open, unedited, wildly compassionate people are required to take this species of ours up to the next level of evolution. Right now. I believe it’s our only hope. 
I commit to healing, boundary setting, support allowing and emotion-venting as much as I need to in order to function from a place of my own rawest truth.
I will not apologise. I will not hide who I am. I will not let a hard shell develop. I will not feel shame for my softness. 
What is your superpower and how do you nurture it?

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