Natural dyed eggs for Equinox or Easter 

Been making natural dyed eggs! Used onion skins with a dash of coffee.
* Blew the eggs (to get innards out – yay omelet).  Free range organic eggs from a local farm, of course.  
* Boiled up onion skins in half water, half vinegar mix.

* Added about half a cup of cold coffee

* Switched off heat, put shells in very full pan so that I could weigh them down gently with a plate (they were floating!)

* Left them in for 3 hours  

* Took them out and etched designs into them whilst the shells were still wet using a wooden skewer

* popped finished shells into a warm oven on lowest setting for 10 minutes to dry and set the dye

* Strung through ribbon and beads with a long needle 

Have fun! If you try this please share pics on my Facebook page



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