Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble 

I love getting compliments as much as the next gal but let me be really clear, no false modesty:  

I am not above averagely intelligent (although I was fortunate to have a good education and a family that supported my learning – a totally unearned advantage, I might add, that I can take zero credit for).

9824730184_b47cb530f5_bI am not above averagely kind or compassionate – ask the people I’ve hurt or treated poorly in my personal and professional life.  

I am not above averagely observant, good at communication or creatively ‘gifted’ – I had to learn those skills through practice just like everyone does and I’m still learning.

I am not above averagely tolerant – in fact impatience, stubbornness and inability to see how life is for other people are particular flaws I have.  I have a foot in my mouth pretty much all the time.

I am not in possession of large amounts of energy. I am blessed with pretty good health but exhaustion is a regular feature of my life, too. 

Why do I say all this? Not to get you to contradict me (please don’t) but to make sure you aren’t watching my work and life thinking I’m somehow better at all this than you are. I’m not.

It’s disempowering for you if you elevate me in any way above other people and above yourself. It’s also unkind to me because I cannot and will not be able to keep myself in that lofty position, because: human. 

Inevitably if you think I’m some superhuman, I am going to disappoint you and that won’t end well for me, or for you.

I want you to know that I am able to love myself and celebrate (and more importantly, use) my positive qualities even though I’m well aware of most of the negative ones.

I don’t ignore them and neither should you – but they don’t define who I am.  They don’t define who I am.  

Most of all, because this post isn’t really about me, I want to say that even being a super flawed human in a super flawed world, I can still do useful things – most importantly, so can YOU!

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