On Facebook Wobblies

Oh best beloveds: if I express something that’s bothering me publicly here on Facebook or my blog, I have already done the personal work required to be publicly vulnerable.  
I am not having a meltdown. I am not ‘having a really bad time and crying out for help’. I absolutely do not do that on here. 
When I’m in a wibbly wobbly puddle of awful on the floor (which happens of course) I talk to my partner, I journal it out, I take a few days retreat, I go and hug a friend, I call my Mum for a really long chat…. I do not post publicly on the internet. Nope diddly to the no no NO. 

Over 700 people read my ranty rant about Southampton this week. Rest assured I do not share a true in-progress wobble with 700 people, many of them strangers. That would be silly and unsafe and *omg dramalicious*

It is delicious that you care but I’d really not like you to worry on my behalf. 

Please, lovelies, when I share openly – know that I am OK – what I am doing is sharing my experience to start debates, connect and make people think. 

Anyway. Passionate, opening posting …. It worked this week! Many interesting chats 🙂

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