Ostara / Spring Equinox celebration

Ostara ritual at Cutthorn mound – with intention flag making. I host celebrations of the seasonal festivals in Southampton and this one was for Ostara or the Spring Equinox.

I always love to include a little crafty activity in my rituals, so this time we made intention flags, as Spring Equinox is associated with air. We each drew and wrote our intentions for the coming growing seasons on little flags and then tied them to a nice long bamboo from my garden. Lack of wind meant I had to run a few laps around the circle to get the full effect of the flags flying in the breeze!

The flags are now up in my garden where I can see them each morning from my bedroom window and add my energy and focus to the intentions.

If you want invitations to future gatherings (all accessible by public transport in Southampton) please do request to join the group here.

Membership is for people based in and around Southampton only as the idea is to meet in real life, not just on Facebook.



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