Pay it forward economics

Over a rather nice pub lunch, Bik & I were just putting the world to rights (as you do on a Saturday afternoon) and were talking about ‘Pay it forward’ economics.

See, most businesses focus very hard on their own affairs.  They rarely promote other businesses or organisations, in fact most actively undermine ‘the competition’ by running them down, refusing to help them in any way, or even more sneaky tactics than that!

At The Art House, we get a lot of surprised looks when we promote ‘the competition’ (for instance via The HubBub calendar).  It really isn’t what is considered to be ‘Good Business’… and yet, it really works for us.

The HubBub calendar is, we believe, part of building a culture of ‘going to things’ in Southampton, along with using our facebook page and notice board to promote other cool things we hear about.  Without a large group of locals who like to go out at lot all venues suffer from a lack of punters.

It wasn’t planned as a strategy to make our organisation stronger, but it has done so.  Not only are we a pretty awesome venue in our own right, but we’re also a ‘go to’ place to find out what else is going on in the community.  It’s shown people that we walk our talk – that we want to be part of creating something larger and longer lasting than one organisation.

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