14510_740464222654851_449940476_nTo create is to touch the infinite mystery.

Creativity isn’t ‘just a hobby’, it isn’t ‘just making stuff to sell’, it’s not an easy way out, a way of getting approval or just there to make things pretty.  

Creativity goes heart-deep, bone-deep, blood-deep and becomes a part of everything you are.  

Creativity is a whole way – of being whole.

Natural, spontaneous creativity is your birthright as a human being.

The busy-ness of life, demands of others and the education system strips many of us of this birthright as we get older, leaving us with a longing, a yearning we can’t quite satisfy.

Media portrays art as something ‘other people’ do.  Celebrities, rich people, long-dead people, but not us, not everyday people.

This is so much stuff and nonsense.

Beauty is all around us

How unlikely and wonderful it is to be here, under this sky, with all this beauty!  How unlikely that we have found each other here on this page – yet here we both are!

My passion, my goal, my mission is to bring people back to Natural Creativity.  To UnEarth that which lies inside every living human – the ability to imagine, the ability to create, the ability to rewrite any story.

Through simple, regular creative practice, connection with Nature, authentic living, practical ritual and humble self-enquiry, I believe we can all come back to ourselves – can all be made more whole.

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My story

My life is full of the things I love to do: making and teaching art, organising community events, running my dream art cafe and hosting art and music workshops.
It wasn’t always this way!  I traveled a winding and bumpy road to my BCD (Big Creative Dream).
Like so many creative people, I had no idea how to make a living in the Arts.  I did jobs I didn’t enjoy, lost interest in the things I did enjoy….I
It was pretty sucky, until I decided to connect with, and be guided by, my own creative nature.

My inner artist which is colourful, confident, she dances freely and unashamed and leaves a trail of glitter behind her.

I resolved to live only in a way that would let that inner creative being, who was the real me, out to play in the world.It was a bumpy old ride from there to here (still is at times!).

I’ve made a ton of mistakes, been led down the garden path and had to unlearn a lot of old habits. It’s a process that continues.

The process looks magic, but actually is based on proven strategies I’ve learnt through training as an adult educator and working in the field of arts and education since 2005.   I’m not big into the woo-woo:  I love tried and tested, down to earth methods of transforming people’s way of being with themselves.

My experience

I run a successful not-for-profit art gallery & venue in Southampton UK.

As an arts workshop facilitator, I have participated in The Big Draw, taught portraiture to medical students to make them more well-rounded doctors, enabled people with learning disabilities to get creative and re-introduced hundreds of people to drawing who hadn’t done art since school!

BA (Hons) in Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth
PGCE (Post compulsory education & training), University of Greenwich

Still reading?  Well here’s the good bit, the reason I’m doing all this instead of, you know, kicking back on a beach somewhere.

My mission in life is fuelled by a strong belief that humans really, really need sort ourselves out.  I mean, really.Huge & scary issues like Climate Change, social injustice, war, population explosion and the impending zombie apocalypse (haven’t you heard about that one?) need healthy, fully-realised, AUTHENTIC, creatively awesome individuals to deal with them, or we’re all totally screwed, pardon my French.

My heartfelt feeling is that we can’t just move the deckchairs around the sinking ship, or preach at people, we need to address things deeply, change from within.So, although my focus is art – because that’s what I truly shine at – it’s not all about getting paint all over you (although that does come into it!).


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