Planning and Dreams go together like Tea and Cakes (and a planner giveaway!)

So, if you are here reading my blog I’m guessing you are a creative dreamer, and you are in the business of making your creative dreams real.

Now, creating isn’t always easy for us arty types, I’ll readily admit…. but there is one thing we dreamers need to make dreams happen, and it’s a thing many creative people resist like fury.

You gotz to PLAN, my little chickadees.

I can feel the collective shudder over the interwebs from here.

“But Jani” I hear you cry “I am a free spirit!  I do not want to be all tied down with PLANS – ugh!”

I know, dear Creative Being, I know.

There’s just one teensy weensy problem.  If you don’t find your own way to plan, the overwhelm beast is going to get you when you’re trying to create those dreams of yours.

Trust me, me and the overwhelm beastie go way back.


To keep the beastie at bay, I’ve learnt that you have to do three things:

1) Break it down.  Chop what you have to do into small chunks.   I mean waaaaaay small.

Things you can do in 3 – 15 minutes, tops. Break it down, and then break it down some more….

2) Write it down.  Get it out of your head and onto paper.  That way, you can see if you actually need to do it, whether you have what you need, and if you can de-le-gate that puppy.

3) Check it off.  Crossing things off the to do list, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  Seriously.  Especially with a nice big Sharpie pen…. aaaah yeah, baby!

shizzle list Now, there’s nothing more fun than finding the tools you need to plan the way that suits you and I use planning as a reason to look online for handy planning resources.  My stationery addiction does not play a part in this at all, obviously.  Um.

I bumped into Raine of LimeTreeFruits via the magic of the internet in my quest for diary pages that didn’t make me sad with their black-and-whiteness.

Raine’s mission is to ‘Creating accessible & functional art’ at her blog,  LimeTreeFruits

Her stuff, it really isn’t black and white…. look……. drool with me over the colourful goodness….

DPP Cloud 2 (1) WPP Boxes 2 M2P main 8
DPP Cloud 3

She is launching her range of 2014 planners this month and I am one of the bloggers to get a sneak peak.

If they appeal to you as much as they do me, you can find out more and order here.

You could also be lucky and win a set in my fabulous giveaway competition. 

If you want to win a set of these downloadable inserts to print at home, then please comment on this blog post, telling me a little about what you’ll be planning in your creative life in 2014!

Missy the Parrot will help me draw a winner at random after 11 December.


M2P main 2 (1)

DPP Royal 1

(Missy says to tell you she is susceptible to bribery by monkeynuts)

Bon chance, my dearies!

If you want even more chances to win, and to find some delicious blogs out there in Interwebland, you can follow this Blog Hop around the web. Dates and sites are listed below

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WINNER UPDATE!  Missy the parrot picked Laurie of Laurie Richardson Photography as the lucky winner 🙂




Planning and Dreams go together like Tea and Cakes (and a planner giveaway!) — 140 Comments

  1. I am not the creative type, I’m rather boring I would say, therefore I am looking for inspiration to improve on my creativity!!

  2. Hmmmmm….planning to revamp a couple of my planners…..these happy pages would be perfect.

  3. Love these and love Raine!!! I’m going to be more creative and try mixed media!! Thank you

  4. I am a creative person, but this last year has been a strugle on severel levels. I need more structure to get back on track. Next year I will plan housework, shopping and creative time as well as my family’s scouting events.
    Merry christmas!

  5. Let me whisper a little secret to you from my long years of creative mentoring 🙂 It’s always the ones who say they are boring and not creative who have the most magical creativity locked away inside of them 🙂

  6. I’m not a big planner, I don’t like to set goals, but I have come to understand that every now and then I must get my chicks together, ducks in a row, all that stuff. It’s a bit like circling the wagons. I can take a breath, have a little review, and I can seethe way clear for new things. So I’m always looking for new ways to make a to do list, or some incentive to make a plan and follow it through… any help.. nix that… any PRETTY help is always welcome.

  7. I’m embarking on a bit of a creative bootcamp this year for myself. I’ve set myself some goals for the year – a reward system and everything – but this planner would probably help me get it actually done! 😀 I LOVE to plan – it’s the execution that I have trouble with! 😀

  8. Thanks for the reminder to write things down. I keep everything in my head and usually forget them. Nice blog, I’ll stop by again for sure.

  9. I *think* this might almost inspire me to plan – I need to plan – I need to give myself permission to say that on this day I will do this, instead of floating around in my life missing opportunities. Off to check out the planning Goddesses page 🙂

  10. Since my I am being laid off on December 31st, I am planning on focusing on my blog, workshops, and business. I plan to finish my early childhood curriculum for mixed/special populations, and if all goes well, and I can squish it in, there is a women and creativity retreat in Ireland that I want to do for my 40th birthday (I have never been out of the US so this one is HUGE).

  11. How fun this would be to win!
    I’ve got a family reunion planned
    in July so far. And tell Missy hi
    from my Blue Fronted Amazon
    named Turk!
    Carla from Utah

  12. Hello! Hmm..creative life in 2014? How about me trying to write a novel? Hehe. I’m not a writer or anything like that but I’ve been dreaming of this story, I need to get it out of my head so since last week, I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to try and write a story. This week, I managed to write more than 5 chapters. I’m surprised haha! But my ‘novel’ is nowhere near completion….i’m gonna continue writing it till 2014. And just would like to share with you, I just purchased the been-out-of-stock-for-centuries Personal Size Purple Malden! I can’t wait to use it in 2014 together with the A5 which I got in October. These planner pages are definitely gonna make my life more colourful hehehe

  13. Just started planing with a personal size in November….loving it..and love Raine’s designs…thanks for sharing your suggestions….

  14. I love these and I think that Raine is a fantastic person aswell 🙂 I would love to start my rag rug (I have a kit and haven’t started it yet) and more cross stitch, also latch hook carpets if I can afford them! 😀

  15. My plans for my creativity in the coming year basically involves prioritizing my time, deepening my focus to create more everyday and working more on getting myself/art “out there”! Thanks for all your support and this generous giveaway!

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  17. Here I am again Raine!! 🙂 I plan on working on my blog more, expanding on my own line of inserts, and keeping myself and family more organized so we can live more and not simply exist!

  18. Next year I’m hoping to revamp my blog and online store. I’m definitely going to need to be organised to do that! The idea of making lists (and checking off tasks) sounds great, especially in such a creative planner setup.
    Now, where are those monkeynuts……

  19. love your blog, I am planning to really tale my Heart Whispers to the world with The Daily Heart Whisper sharing my art and words more widely with the world PS love your blog

  20. Breaking things down into little, tiny bits that I can cross off works so well for me. I feel so successful I’m sure I can go on to the tougher stuff and complete it, too.

  21. Over the last year have come to acknowledge that I am dealing/over coming Social Anxiety. I love to learn and go and huge in personal development and through this I found the road to healing this Anxiety. The Anxiety shows its self as fear of failure and perfection issues which often lead to avoidance. One of the tools I’ve been trying to use to over come this is Planning. I still avoid my plans often, I would right out a week of tasks and not do them (and at first hate myself for being lazy) but then I released that when I got lost in my anxiety, my planner also helped me find my way back, when I didnt have the palnner I felt lost and confused for much longer. So now I’m planning like crazy and discovering how I function and how my mind works when it comes to tasks and having plans.

    The little personal size planner I had didn’t functions very well for me but planning is about learning and growing and that a planner well change its layout often (sometimes many times in one day) but its so fun and i find it relaxing to improve on my planner system.This year I used LimeTreeFruit inserts which LIGHT up up when I look at them- sometimes I found it hard to write on them they were so pretty and have been hungrily awaiting next years inserts, when they came out I SCREAMED for joy like a crazy person and cried a little, because I can start next year plans as soon as I print off her inserts.

    My planning system now has 3 planners so far- a new little personal size planner for over view of goals and tasks and has budget and shopping/wish lists a couple other things and a new a5 planner for more details and study task etc, more broken down then I can fit into the personal size. I love have 2 so far. There are things in the a5 that wouldn’t work in the personal size and visa versa.

    I’m planning in inserting Leonie life planner into the A5 and have my goals and plans in that one, and get another a5 for the business planner. I also have A Lorna Jane dairy/planner I will use for training routines and mediation and yoga goals. The more broken down my goals are the more clearer my heads gets.

    I want to move forward from avoiding and My goals for next year are so out of my comfort zone- Start developing my first product- a product about over coming Anxiety. Grow my blog, buy a domain, make my art and sharing it with the world, find my -vegan hippie goddess business world changing ever growing – Tribe, Move to the Gold Coast (HUGE HUGE). Rescue ex battery hen chickens (oh so dear to my heart), go to UNI, finish my current studies (advanced diploma business), and to live up to my word of the year for next year which are two words because I couldn’t choice between them: Authentic and Accountable. I also have a huge ass dream board on my wall of dreams that I aim to bring true next year.

  22. Such an inspiring response – thank you for sharing your story! Authentic and Accoutable. Love it! I’d love to connect with your Vegan Hippie business as it grows (I have been running such a business for 6 years so I love to connect with others!). Come and find me over on Facebook if you’d like 🙂

  23. I am planning a new career! Also planning on spending large amounts of time with family, exploring nature, and sewing outfits for my two grand daughters. In 2014, I also plan to collect blankets, coats and gloves from yard sales, thrift store, etc to donate to our local homeless shelter.

  24. I think you have a wonderful year ahead of you, Meg! Please do connect via FB or my mailing list, as I have lots of resources to help with exactly that 🙂

  25. Thanks Suzie! Is there somewhere people can sign up for your Daily Heart whisper? Sounds like the sort of thing my tribe would L O V E 🙂

  26. Missy sends wolf whistles to your boy parrot Turk – she’s such a flirt 🙂 Family reunions are so magical, especially now so many of our families are very scattered.

  27. Great goals! Please do stay in touch via Facebook and/or my mailing list, as I share lots of resources which may be helpful for your splendid plans 🙂

  28. These planners look lovely, I would love these to help me get organised! I’m hoping that in 2014 I try out some other ways to be creative other than the jewellery I make. I’ve got all the stuff ready to have a go at mosaics but haven’t had the time to have a go yet, plus I painted some ceramic coasters for a present for my mum and everyone loved them so I might have a go at making some more of these too 🙂

  29. I will be planning my business actions this year, so that I can start working on making money. I need to plan my creative time, so that I have more time for nurturing my family too.

  30. I have plans to be proficient in writing and art by taking lessons online. I want to take what I learn and create works of art. These beautiful planner pages are perfect for inspiring me to set my goals, plan my lessons and schedule my projects.

  31. My creative goal for 2014 is to finish more things than starting new things!! I have so many unfinished projects around the house, from knitting and crochet projects to quilting to card making… My biggest problem is that I’m not organised about it, I work on stuff as and when the mood hits me, then that flow of creativity ends and it gets added to the pile of UFOs. If I was more organised and intentional about it, I could be spending 60-90 mins of my evenings working on them.

  32. Glad I came acrossyour site, I will be adding it tomy favorites along with LimeTree Fruits 🙂 would so love to win the planner pages!

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  34. With my children now grown and flown I have time to pursue the things I have always wanted to try but couldn’t. Such an exciting time in my life now!

  35. My creative goal for the year is to try to stay creative with 3 boys under 18 months! I’m not going to have much time for myself, but I also know I need to find the pretty where I can! Raines pages are just the girly stuff I need to balance all the bulldozers and power tools in my life!

  36. Wow – what I plan to do creative in 2014….. I don’t know yet. I quilt, sew, crochet, knit, and bead. I also started making my own inserts for my Filofax, so perhaps I will head that direction. Stock pages aren’t cutting it for me, and my current pages are a little drab. These inserts being given away would be perfect! A great mix of color, creativity and function. 🙂

  37. This past year has been kind of hard, and I think next year will be also. Planning to take some online course, maybe I’ll try mixed media, that seem interesting. Also need to write more. Continue that journey to find my inner child. 🙂

  38. I used to plan like a maniac. Then digital came along and I’ve attempted to use that method. Its not working as well for me in the implementation department. I believe I am just not as comfortable with pixels. After seeing all the fun stuff people are doing with their fliofaxes, etc. I’m feeling inspired to convert back. Picked up a planner at the local thrift store and “upcycled it to suit me. These would be perfect to add to it…so fun..So my dream for this next year it to plan and then implement.

  39. My goal for 2014 is very personal but a hint would be to give more to my husband by actively working on our marriage. (ie date nights, getaways and little written messages or gifts to sow him my love)

  40. I know what you mean – I adore all my technology but nothing beats the feeling of pen on paper to get my creative juices flowing!

  41. Plan a good year, whatever happens. Journaling, artist dates, little actions can support you through whatever external things you have to face – I promise!

  42. I’m hoping to plan my time better to do even a little tiny bit of something creative – it always seems that the laundry takes priority!

  43. Oh that is a GOOD goal! Sayin ‘yes’ to what you really want by saying ‘no’ to everything else, right?

  44. I am not the creative type but I think this planner is amazing! Would love to win-thanks for the opportunity

  45. I moved to Washington State two and a half months ago to work for an old friend. My two children remained in Florida when I moved (college aged), While I am in Washington, my intent is to get back into paper crafting and encourage those around me to be creative. 🙂

  46. I have a lot to plan! Just thinking about it makes the overwhelm monster start to come up and I need a planner to battle it! I’m starting to plan a new YouTube TV show about creative jewelry making and just planning my business and life in general for the year. These look right up my alley!

  47. I will be helping my son raise funds to travel to Europe for 11 days. Did I mention he’s 12 years old & will be traveling with his school?! I can’t afford to pay for the trip myself so he will be earning his way this year, the trip is in 2015. Busy year coming up! I will also be planning a cruise vacation for my mom & 8 of her closest friends!

  48. I don’t know how I will be creative next year. I am still trying to figure out who I am and what I am going to be when I grow up.

  49. Would love to win these pages- they are so cheery. I hope to get more organized by making lists and writing down my ideas so they don’t slip away. Thanks for the chance. : )

  50. This planner would help me to plan for life – work and crafting. I’d like to have a design published in a knitting magazine in 2014, and for this an inspirational planner would be a start!

  51. I am still trying to learn how to use the planner. I think these colorful pages might help me want to look at my planner more!

  52. Next year I want to enjoy painting. My daughter is two and she loves it and since I was sitting next to her, while she was painting, I started myself. I always loved it and I don’t even know why I stopped. I only knit in the evening wnd I’m obsessed about planners. So next year, I’m putting away my knitting needles and picking up brushes and crochet hooks, just to lear something new. Raine’s inserts are so inspiring, I’d love a chance to win.

  53. Thanks for the chance to win…….you guys rock……for 2014 I am going to get serious on weight loss and crafting!!!!!
    Teri in Texas

  54. Exactly – it’s all very well falling in love with everything on Ravelry or Pintrest or whatever, but one person can’t, actually, do all those amazing projects – particularly not all at once. I need to take that initial moment of “wow, that’s totally amazing, I’d love to do that” and channel it into the stuff I’ve *already* got on the needles (or whatever). After all, my UFOs all also once inspired that same initial WOW factor in me!

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  57. I’ll be creatively planning my final year assignments for uni. It’s all about pretty timetables, chronodex schedules and colourful to do lists. Oh and decorated filofax pages!

  58. Our family of four (me, hubby and our 2 daughters) are always doing something crafty and I’m always wandering the internet to find something new to try. Next year I am going to start a smashbook filled with crafty ideas and other inspirational stuff….hmmm I feel a serious case of clippings-hoarding coming on……