Reverb 12 – Day 1 – Can I really do something every day?!

I’m taking part in Reverb 12, responding to daily reflective prompts for the month of December.

Day 1 How are you starting this last month of 2012?

By taking on a daily prompt!  On my Creative Journaling eCourse, I send daily prompts out and I think it’s good practice for me to do some myself.  When I do eCourses, I tend to grab chunks of time and work through several exercises at once, as I find doing something every day just leads to failure.Life running a crazy arts venue with varying hours of work means that the only thing I do every day is enjoy breakfast with the parrot, as she need the interaction and routine each day.  

The rest of the day is open to all sorts of timings, activities and…. well… anything!

So, this December I will get into a more regular blogging habit, connect with other bloggers AND do something daily.  


Getting into a daily routine is a huge challenge for me.  From exercise, to eating regularly, to getting enough sleep, I don’t stick with routines.  I’m working on ways that I can do what I need regularly without having set times that I do things.

Watch this space!

This post is part of Reverb 12 – a reflection on 2012 throughout the month of December.

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