Reverb 12, Day 12, 12/12/12

I set this prompt, so I’d better respond 🙂  I can’t wait to see what other say.

What made you dance?

Lots of things!  Primarily the size and audacity of my own dreams – they made me dance a happy dance when they’re not scaring me witless. 

Deepening my relationship with my gorgeous companion animal and familiar, Missy.  It’s been a hard road for her and I, she was nervous and I was clueless at the start, but now we have a really close bond.  I’m very honoured – the love of a wild animal is hard to win.

Drumming always makes me dance and at our gorgeous handfasting in July I had a chance to dance to drumming – something I don’t do as often as I want to, these days!

Seeing those who learn with me blossom, taking steps into professional creative work, gaining confidence, finding their authentic artist voice…. yum!

What made you weep?

Missing my family who live so far away.  Having a very full life here makes it tricky to take the kind of time off I’d need to go and see them.  I’m very grateful for modern technology which helps us stay in touch across the miles, but nothing is the same as seeing those you love in person, on a regular basis.

Other than that, mainly happy tears!

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