Reverb 12 – days 13 – 20

Day 13: Your favourite photo of you?

I quite like this one
– get out of the way, I’m comin’ atcha!

Also this one, taken in my gorgeous blue princess dress ūüôā

Day 14: The path that brought you here?

“I need to remember to look back at the winding path before I start walking.” says Maxabella, who wrote this prompt, and she asks what the most important thing we learnt in 2012 was.

I think it was that spirituality doesn’t need to be attached to anything supernatural or unexplained, that the universe is full of real magic as it is. ¬†In July, Bik and I were handfasted and managed to craft a ceremony that felt natural and sacred, without reference to a single “otherworldly” thing. ¬†It was super magical.

Day 15: What tingled your tastebuds?

Art House food, of course!  I am blessed with access to some of the best food on the planet Рlocally grown, organic and cooked with lots of love by awesome people.  

Day 16: Who inspired you?

SARK, Leonie Dawson, Clare Campbell.  There amazing women literally transformed me with their teachings this year.  I am also inspired every day by the people who volunteer at The Art House Рdoing it for love and what they believe in Рthey all give me hope!

Day 17: How did you make a difference?

Directly by my eCourses, the feedback I’ve had shows that people’s creativity has blossomed when they did the courses and some are even moving into ‘going pro’ ūüôā ¬†it was fun to do this and I’m excited about growing this area of my life next year.
Less directly, I made a difference as part of a big team at The Art House.  Every day people are fed good food, meet lovely people, are inspired and leave feeling more fulfilled in their hearts and tummies.  I feel monstrously proud of that.

Day 18: The colour of you?

RAINBOW please, I’m greedy and love them all!

Day 19: How did you nourish your self?

With retreats, time out, holidays and setting up my studio.

Day 20: What was lost and what was found?

I found a type of spiritual wholeness that I’ve been lacking for a long time. ¬†This blog post talks about it in more depth, but this year I relaxed a lot about spirituality and focussed away from other people being the source of my spiritual feeling. ¬†Ironically, I also found many teachers!

I lost the last worries about not being a Mum. ¬†Being childless is a strange thing to experience as a Pagan woman, where the Mother is such an important symbol. ¬†This year, I really took on board that I mother projects, places and communities and I don’t need to mother actual children.

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