Sit down and show up: doctor’s orders update!

So, first an update on the health challenge 🙂  Typically of any time I try to start a fitness regime, I came down with a cold a few days later – and then a heatwave hit!

This totally counts!

This totally counts!

Nothing has gone as smoothly as planned.

Ain’t that always the way.

So, I’ve been doing the running when I can (and it’s getting so much easier, my goodness!) and making sure that if I don’t run, I do twice as much time time at something else.  Which works really well, as it happens. Exercise this past week has included repainting The Art House, wandering around Monkeyworld and dancing on a vintage steam ship.

This also counts - as does lugging all the PA equipment on board!

This also counts – as does lugging all the PA equipment on board!

I’m applying the Ramadan principle to the running.

Muslim pals of mine have explained that, during the fast, if you break the fast one day, you are allowed to tack it on the end of Ramadan.  Whilst it’s still not ideal to do this, it allows for things like willpower lapses, illness and practical obstacles to sticking with a regime. It’s the same advice I give anyone on one of my eCourses.  If you fall behind, that’s OK, just pick up and carry on – as many times as you need to.

The trick is not to give up the first time you give up!

So, if I skip a run, it goes on the end of the 8 weeks – which means I still have 7 weeks to go, now! I also skipped a ‘dry day’ and had some drinks on the ship, because, well, it was a party on a ship and there was RUM.  So, 1 August will also be a dry day now.

Not a problem!

The eating and water have been going better, though, and I’m finding that being really conscious of having 5 a day and plenty of water means I’m having less of the stuff that’s not so good for me – I’m also really enjoying getting back into juicing and green smoothies!

Sleep – well, the heat has not helped with that, but I’m getting better at insisting on a civilised bedtime on non-work nights.

When we’re working, that goes out of the window of course – but getting to watch a thunderstorm roll in across Southampton Water on Thursday night from the deck of the SS Shieldhall at gone midnight was worth a little sleep deprivation.

What I’m learning from this challenge

What the whole thing has highlighted, though, is a distinct lack of structure and routine in my life.  I mean, seriously, I can’t seem to plan anything at the same time every day, not even when it’s only three days out of seven – which is bonkers, frankly.

Runs have happened, when they have happened, at varied times.

Aside from breakfast, which isn’t always at the same time, no other part of any day is fixed.

Whilst I love change and all, I think I may have let things go too far the other way. For years, I worked a 9 – 5 type job and had a VERY structured, routine day and week.

Monday art day.

Tuesday – Friday work.

Fridays at the pub.

Saturday house clean and shopping.

Sundays long country walk followed by roast dinner at the Ma-in-Laws (still missing your roasties, Sheila!).

Now, I literally have no idea week to week what’s going to happen.

A lot is dictated by The Art House programme, which in turn is dictated by availability of crew, space and performers.

As I try to bring regular exercise and healthy eating in, I find I’m bumping against this lack of routine a lot. So, somewhere in the middle there has to be a balance, some anchor points to my days and weeks, some times which are dictating solely by ME and what I need.

I would love to hear from YOU how you balance the need for a routine with the unexpected ‘life, work and family stuff’ that comes out of the blue – do share!


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