Staying ‘On Brand’ on social media – why I don’t! 

I use FB, as you know, to connect for my work aka my life’s purpose, which is creating space and resources for your creative life transitions.  

However unlike many coaches, I will not stay ‘on brand’ all the time here.

I will share lots for you to use in your creative transformation, but as well as posts about creativity and The Art House, you will see:

Body positive posts, feminism, environmentalism, immigrant-positivity, LGBTQ+ positivity, unashamedly left leaning politics, occasional Green Party posts (cuz I vote that way), things about parrots, things about my life and family, pagan things and quite a bit of tasty veggie & vegan food.

I’m a whole person and I don’t hide what I am here or anywhere else. 

I don’t require you to be like me and have many friends who live different lives and have different views.

I am more than comfortable with the fact that you may see the world quite differently to me – as long as you allow me space to be me, and stay polite towards my friends, we are 100% good with being mucho diverse here on my wall. 

I don’t use my wall for debate, mainly because I think it’s hard to debate and stay polite with people you don’t know, in a written format – so if you do disagree with something I post and say so here, I often won’t get into it with you unless it’s to clarify something I posted.  

I don’t share who I am to change you, or to invite you to change me. 

I share who I am because that’s honest and true and real, and it allows us to connect authentically, which is the only way I know how to connect. 

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