Sunday show up – checking in!

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘sit down and show up’ post, so I thought I’d try to get into the habit on a Sunday check-in, long or short, each week.

This week has been flavoured with Autumn, and it’s been a full one!

Starting with last night, because I don’t do linear time very well…. I went to one of Heidi aka The Dreadess‘ Moonlodges at Minstead Study Centre, held in a gorgeous roundhouse below (this pic of the venue was taken at mine and Bik’s handfasting, which we had there, by our friend Az from Lemontree photography).

Gorgeous photo of the roundhouse at Minstead, taken by Az of Lemontree photography

The moonlodge is a gathering of women, usually with a theme, to share the things we have in common.

Really, for me, it’s a chance to gather and talk about the important things that are happening in our lives and the world.  Taking special time out to remember ‘the big picture’ is vital, whether you have a spiritual belief or not.

The women’s stories around the fire about their lives, their joys and sorrows, their families and their thoughts, hopes and dreams weave a beautiful song, a song of wisdom and a song of real life, as it actually is.

Around the fire, I always feel a deep connection with my natural self, and with my lineage, all the way back to the first life on earth – and even further back than that.

Of course, around the fire in that special space we are all our best selves.

Those calm words of acceptance and wisdom may contrast strongly with the stressed out mother, or the angry wife, or the fearful worker.

That doesn’t make those moments any less real.

I think it’s so important to have spaces where we can be the very best version of ourselves.  

It reminds us who we really are.

What was also fun was getting a lift from a lovely moonlodge sista, extending the connection before and afterwards.

We forget how similar our stories are, even mine and a mother of a young child, a woman who grew up in Chile under Pinochet.

Mothering a business to life, and growing up in South Africa under Apartheid, has quite a few similarities!

The moonlodge was themed around ‘water’ so today we took a walk in the late evening at the Lower Test Nature reserve and paddled in the very chilly river.



We also popped in for lunch at The Art House – this is a good day to do it usually, but our chef had to go home ill so I ended up in the kitchen for an hour finishing off the second batch of roast lunches.  Them’s the breaks when you visit your place of work on your day off, huh!

Also this week I’ve been doing the 30 Day of Lists journal challenge.  It’s a great way of getting journalling done even on a busy day, as lists don’t take very long and are lots of fun.

I have always loved lists – even to-do lists!

Here are days 1 – 5

Other than that, my week has consisted of quite a lot of getting the menu at The Art House updated, working on my new free offering for this site, and trying to get videos edited with a certain naughty man who likes to freeze-frame me looking like I am having a funny turn.10616195_837024749665464_7911788600540880389_n


That was my week – how was yours?



Sunday show up – checking in! — 8 Comments

  1. So lovely to hear what you have been doing and very envious of your time at the moon lodge as I feel a bit disconnected at the moment and in need of spiritual uplifting. Will reconnect soon though I am sure.

  2. My week was good, manic, busy, difficult.

    The good, we got everything that was necessary done, it was appreciated and the show went well. We host two Icelandic horse shows a year and there is a lot of prep and tidying, not to mention stopping normal life in some sort of coherent way so that it can be picked up after.

    The manic then, getting everything in place, beds made for judges and visitors. Garden produce harvested and processed so we dont lose it because it goes off and we haven’t time to deal with it. Documents processed and off to people for review so I have a few days grace not to think about them. Walls pressure washed and painted, windows fixed, to a point where they are usable by the people coming to the show. Just for fun too, we put up a Mural. As you do!

    Busy, I suppose is self explanatory.

    Difficult. I am not a naturally sociable person and we have had constant company for nearly a month (folk festival last weekend with prep the week before, people staying in between and then the horse show). More than anything this cramps my style as I like to wander around naked and do a fair amount of stuff in my housecoat or naked. This, of course, is just not on with strangers wandering around, so this evening with just the last few of the Folkies finishing the clearing up, I have resorted to my house coat and am about to jump in the hot tub. Admittedly in the dark. I just find the constant demands of conversation and the requirement to engage so wearying.

    Tomorrow, we may be back to normal, for a couple of weeks at least although my elder daughter may be coming to stay for a while shortly so it might be a very short breathing space. We will see. It has been a good time, but I am looking forward to the slowing down that autumn usually brings.

  3. I like your week much better than mine! School started up again and so I’m back at my day job and not too happy about it. Wound up in the ER on Friday with lap band problems and was discharged Saturday. Today was nice just lounging with my boys, two pit mixes. Back to the day job tomorrow.

  4. Ms Jani, your life is an inspiration. Moon Lodge is a tradition I am very happy to see returning to our culture.
    Wishing you the brightest blessings of the gloriously full Moon.

  5. Boy, can I relate! I love being around people, but too much and feel all….. people-y…. and need lots of time alone to recharge. Also, clothes are unpleasant things! Glad the event went well, sounds like ‘busy’ isn’t quite a good enough word to describe all you’ve been up to!!

    Enjoy some normal this week 🙂

  6. I’m sure you will – I find myself very blessed to have one so close and such a lovely person holding the space for us 🙂