Three simple RULZ to describe your art and craft for selling, and a free playsheet

One of my hugeanoromous passions is supporting people who want to sell their artwork and craft.

I believe that having a paying audience can take your work and life to a whole other level, and although it’s not right for everyone, it’s a life-transforming thing for many artists to go pro.

I have already talked about how to price your artwork for sale and ranted about letting people know if your work is for sale.

Now, I’d like to talk a little about how to describe work that’s for sale on the interwebs, to increase the chances of people actually paying for your stuffs –  and I’ve included you a free playsheet to use to help you.

This playsheet is part of my Creative Money eKit, and gives you a sneaky peek into what you will get with this yummy resource.


You can also take my ‘Myth of the Starving Artist’ audio playshop totally free, to support you in this transition to pro artist. 

starving artist

Rule 1

Info, info, info.  People are more likely to buy the more they know.  Tell people as much as possible about what you are selling – how big is it?  How did you make it?  What can they use it for?  How long will they have to wait to get it?  How can they buy it?

Rule 2

Make it easy to buy.  Don’t hide your paypal button off somewhere behind a dustbin.  Have a clear, easy-to-click ‘buy now’ button.

playsheetRule 3

Give your shizzle a backstory.  Seriously – YOU know how you make stuff, why you make sutff, and what you make it for and from… but your customer has NO IDEA.  Tell the story of your work, be poetic, inspire your audience and they’ll be clicking that (very obvious) buy now button in no time!

Now, download the Super Dooper Brainstorming playsheet for describing my lovely work for sale and get busy!

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Three simple RULZ to describe your art and craft for selling, and a free playsheet — 2 Comments

  1. thanks Jani. Great article and very helpful. Now I will be able to think about my products and put better info with them.