The Big Secret to Success as an Artist

First of all:  be deeply suspicious of any ‘fast track solutions’ offered to you for creative success – I’ve never found one in twenty years of working in the arts, both as an artist and a venue and gallery owner. 

The Big Secret of Success in the Arts is 



wait for it…………. 

Keep creating, keep sharing your work. Practice. Make good art. Put it out there where people can see it. Be visible and generous with your work. 

Give people a way to pay you for it.  

Make more art.  

Put it out there.  


Stay active.  Move forward even when you are not sure where you are going. 

Lots of little creative actions daily and sticking it out when everyone else has given up is key. Most artists give up WAY too soon.  

Turn and make your work whether you are in the mood to do it or not.  

Actually MAKE work rather than talking about making work or planning to make work. 

Oh – and More Practice. Don’t wait to be good. Let your work get better by making it. Over and over.  

People selling quick success may as well be on the back of a wagon in the Old West peddling snake oil. Don’t buy it! 

The best solutions you CAN buy or spend time learning, if you need them, are ways to help you to show up and make your art regularly.  

It is also very useful to connect with other artists – this can help you live as an artist and commit to your work. Follow successful artists and learn from them how to stick with it.  

Everything else is just a sidetrack. 

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