The ears of love……bear with me…..

Just had Facebook conversation about the imperfections of communication.  I was thinking how much easier it would be to communicate feelings without words.

One of the responses was lovely – to ‘speak with the voice of love’.

But then I thought.  You need ears to hear that, too.

So many times, when a person communicates with us, we hear things that aren’t there.

We hear criticism, anger, judgement and blame.

What we hear causes us to feel guilt and shame, and we retaliate.  We send back angry words to defend ourselves.

So I thought.

What if we saw every communication in the most positive light possible?

What is we assumed that everyone who spoke to us was a friend, thought highly of us and was speaking with love?

Or that, if they weren’t, it wasn’t directed at us?

I think this is worth some experimentation!

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