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The Spiral Forge is a place to work your creative vision into reality.  Are you ready?

As an artist and a woman in business, you may find it hard to get the support you need.

Most business advisers know little about the arts, and old-school business practices may not resonate with what you and your art are all about, especially if you are a artist trying more natural, wild ways of working!

As the director of a thriving, ethical art venue & gallery, as well as being an artist and workshop facilitator, I am often asked to mentor artists who are starting out.  

I created The Spiral Forge as a place share my expertise, wisdom, experience and creative journey with a circle of women who were ready to put their art out into the world and be supported financially by their creativity.

The circle gathers 12 professional artists, performers, writers and makers for mutual support, skills sharing, accountability and real-life sharing of our process and progress. It is a place for women who are ready to put in the work to stay focused, make their art and put it out into the world.  It is a circle for people who are ready to stop talking about living their creative life, and start actually living it!

What you will get:

* The Forge private Facebook group, a place where you can ask me questions directly and link up with women on the same journey.  This is a small group so there is lots of individual attention.

* The Forge private library area on this site.

* You will get a guided intensive business planning resources, a marketing toolkit, and at least 6 live online group coaching sessions every year.

Applications are now open!  Please apply here.  You do not need to make payment at application stage.

first ever live session!The live linkups are a powerful tool, which our members say are worth the joining fee all on their own.

All online meeting spaces are safe, private places where you can share what you need and get the support to fire you up.

There’s lots of practical help here at The Forge – useful, actionable tips to get you where you want to be with your creative business.

Who is it for?

The Spiral Forge is for women working for themselves in the creative industries, either as a self employed artist, maker, teacher or performer or in small business.  There is an application process to make sure you are a good fit for this group, and I will only approve your application if I think I can genuinely support you and your work.

It’s called The Spiral Forge because we’re expecting that you are already fired up, and that your business already exists, even if only in a small or startup form.

Why should I join?

Having a place where you can share and ask questions from the heart is essential, especially to the lone entrepreneur.  The Forge is a place for dream-making, where you


How much time commitment is involved?

You are busy, and that’s understood!  The materials are all designed to support, rather than add to your workload.  You will get out what you put in of course, but even engaging with the group infrequently will bring huge benefits to you, your art and your business.

Is this a coaching program?

It is a coaching circle, which means that I share my experience and we support each other, too.

The Spiral Forge Facebook group will give you access to me to ask questions, a level of peer support is also involved and this will be created by the community members yourselves.

The online meetups will take the form of a facilitated coaching circle, each with a theme, and the group will help to decide what these themes will be.

This is a guided group and I will be present and involved in a very real way, it’s not just a bunch of recordings or PDFs.

As I don’t offer 1-1 coaching at all, this is the best way to pick my brains and learn from my experience as a professional artist, founder of a very successful arts venue and creativity teacher.

Here’s a letter from Jani…

Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

Going into business for yourself is life-changing and wonderful, as you will already know!

It can, on the flipside, be lonely and challenging, too, especially if you are a solo businessperson working from home.

I’ve been making, selling and teaching creative arts for over 20 years and running a gallery and venue for nearly 10 of those – let me share what I have learnt with you!

Applications are now open!  You do not need to make payment at application stage.


You probably already know that you could do so much more with support from somebody who has business experience, but Creative business doesn’t follow all of the conventional rules.

Perhaps you have explored some business coaching programmes and just felt like a fish out of water, surrounded by jargon and ways of working which just don’t resonate with you.  Perhaps you were sceptical about ‘simple’ solutions and bullet-point lists for business success, because you know that isn’t how it works.

As an artist, it can be so hard to find the best support for you, support which understands where a creative person is coming from, what drives you and which compromises you are just not willing to make to be successful.

You’re not all about the “bottom line”, and you worry about balancing the realities of running a professional business with being true to your creative values – the values which made you decide to go pro in the first place!

With 20 years as an artist and nearly 10 years running a real-life gallery and venue under my belt, I have a lot to offer anyone on this road.  The Art House has been running since 2007 and walks the delicate tightrope between financial sustainability and working according to our values very well.

I understand that conventional business wisdom doesn’t sit well with somebody who puts their creative life first.  I also see the limitations of business support which is one way, giving no access to ask the questions you need to.

The Forge is perfect for artists, performers, writers, poets, or anyone wanting to make a living in the creative industries.  With many years experience in marketing, pricing and selling visual art, craft, performance art and creative workshops and know how to make these things work in line with your artistic integrity.

I also run a business you can walk into a see for yourself.  I’m not just successful in the business of telling people how to be successful in business!
The Art House Southampton

6 years ago, with a team of amazing people, I was part of turning around an almost-bankrupt gallery, transforming it into one of the premier arts venues in our city.
We did this with virtually no money to invest and no business experience.  In the process, we have also built a truly ethical business which allows creativity to flourish within it’s walls.
So I know my stuff on how to make money in the creative market without compromising the values you hold dear!
Whether you are just starting out in creative business, or are already going, The Forge is a place where you can fire up your dreams, your income and your life.
Jani Franck

The Forge is the only way I offer coaching – I don’t do 1-1 packages at all.

You will get:

* At least 6 (usually 8) live coaching circles through the year, these are held online and recorded in case you can’t make it

* The ‘Marketing Seeds’ toolkit, to help you crack the ‘M’ word in a way that feels good to you.  This kit comes to you as 12 weekly emails, designed to give your business a serious boost with sensible, do-able actions to boost sales.  We do these once a year or you can sign up at any time you need this.

* The Forge has a very active private Facebook group for mutual support and encouragement from others.

How much does it cost?

The Forge membership costs £245 for the first year, or spread the payments with the instalment plan of £85 per month over 3 months.  To enable you to stay a part of the group, a monthly payment option is available after your first year of just £25 per month, or renew at the same annual fee for the lifetime of your membership.

I’ve priced this realistically and affordably for a creative solo entrepreneur.  I realise it’s an investment to make, especially if you are just starting out or if your income is uncertain as a solo creative businesswoman.

I always have one place for a woman who is in unusually tight financial circumstances – if this is you, please let me know when you apply as this place is currently available.

The real question is what is it worth to connect with likeminded women on the same journey, share skills and get the support you need?

Applications are now open!


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