The medicine of (my) depression

Today, I share about my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and muse on the medicine it gives me.

I’ve had SAD since I moved to the UK in 1990, although it took years to get a diagnosis.  It’s a brain chemistry disorder brought about by the longer nights in winter.  It makes people sleepy, and often depressed, as well as having other unlovely effects.

So, why on earth should I think it brings me good medicine?  Let me explain….

Clarity/boundary setting – I’m sharing about this condition as I think it may help others.  I am not asking for sympathy or advice, but I WOULD love to hear about how you react to this in relation to your own life.
I am vlogging every day in February as part of Tamara Laporte’s challenge – if you want to watch the other vlogs, here they are:


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