Things to do in this life list!

I’ve just been rather inspired by Leonie Dawson‘s blog post ‘Things to do in this life‘ and thought I’d do one of my own!  I will have to pinch a few things from her list as they’re pretty darn awesome ideas.

This can be an ongoing post, which I can add to, check of and change.  Nice.  

TO DO, in no particular order:-

1) Have a proper picnic with a hamper, cucumber sandwiches, chocolate eclairs and Earl Grey Tea, wearing gloves and a hat and a long flowy dress.

2) Walk the South Downs Way

3) Turn my land art pics into awesome Pagan greeting cards!

4) Have a dangerous Tea Party.

5) Build a roof garden at The Art House.

6) Have a handfasting ceremony where me and Bik get hitched for a year and a day.

7) Train Missy da parrot to say ‘I used to be an egg’.

8) Sleep under the stars again.

9) Go back to St Catherine’s Hill.

10) Get my sister to do a tattoo on my back.

11) See Purple Emperor butterflies.

12) Walk the labyrinth on Glastonbury Tor.

13) Lead a guided meditation.

14) Write a Goddess chant/song/poem and share it widely.

15) Make a banner for Djembabes.

16) Walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

17) Go to the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury.

18) Submit work for the Earth Pathways diary.

19) Turn my creativity booster course into an e-course.

20) Enjoy every single day of my life!

That’ll do for now 🙂


Things to do in this life list! — 3 Comments

  1. Jani what a brilliant list and some of those are things I want to do. Especially the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury. I went to the first one in 1996 it was inspired.
    I’m off to make my list x

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  3. Glad you liked it – I’ve just updated as I’ve been to the Conference since I wrote this one 🙂

    Be sure to share your list with me, if you blog it!