To go forward we will be returning

Humans. For most of our history we have lived in small self-governing groups with minimal (if any) hierarchy. We have been able to move freely over the planet without borders. We have eaten and exercised as we should. We have lived with our bare feet on the soil and our hearts beating in time with Nature.  

Don’t think a different way isn’t possible for us, quite the opposite. Any progress which incorporated the above, would be a homecoming to the way we have been for most of our time.

We will do this by returning – to ourselves, to Nature, to community.  Our vehicle will, I believe, be art.  Not art as commodity but art as life.  Lived creativity will carry us forward. 

To go forward, we will just be returning – which is the Spiral Way. 

Our challenge is to keep the good parts of ‘civilisation’ and lose the nonsense. Who’s with me?


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