UnEarth your Creative Nature – FAQs

What exactly is this course all about then?

Sometimes we all feel that our creative selves have been buried beneath a mound of responsibilities, stress, boredom and other real life stuff.

It may even feel like you’ve lost your ability to create altogether – but fear not!   I’ve been teaching art to all ages and backgrounds for over 10 years, and I’ve found plenty of tips, tricks and exercises to unearth your creative nature.

All of it is lots of fun, too!   The 21 day e-course comes in three sections, which are emailed to you once a week and include:-

The course is suitable for aspiring or lapsed visual artists, writers, poets, musicians and anyone who wants to bring more creativity into their daily life.

How does an e-course work?

An e-course is a great way to access learning online – I’ve done a few myself and really enjoy the process of working at my own pace.  
You will be sent all the materials you need in three parts – one each week. There will also be little reminder emails and encouragement every couple of days, to give you a bit of cheerleading.  The materials will include some video tutorials, some worksheets, and other interactive bits so that you can find a way of working that suits you.

Is it really free?  What’s the catch? 

Yes, it’s totally free and there’s no catch – you don’t even need to join my mailing list unless you want to!  I also will never, ever, ever pass your details to anyone else and you can tell me to stop contacting you any time you want to.
Am I bonkers?  Well, a little, but…..firstly, I’m really keen to get this out to as many people as possible.  I’m bursting with excitement at the thought of all that creativity going on!  It’s also my very first e-course, so I’ll be learning along with you about how to deliver my teaching in a new way 🙂 
If you get something from the course, which I’m convinced you will, then that’s a huge buzz for me.  

Yes, I hope that you may take some paid courses with me later on or tell some friends about me, but there’s no obligation at all to do that.  This course is a COMPLETE package, so you won’t be left hanging to force you to buy another one.  It’ll be up to me to impress you with my mad teaching skillz so you want to recommend me and take more courses in the future!

What if I have any questions, can I get in touch with you?

Within reason, I’m happy to answer your questions by email during the 21 days.  The course is free, so I won’t be able to offer 1-1 coaching to participants or coaching in person, but you will be invited to send questions, comments and feedback at the end of each week by email and I will respond to the whole group – so that everyone can learn from each other.

Can I do the course faster (or slower) and do I have to do everything on the course?

You can work entirely at your own pace and skip bits if it suits you – however much you do, I’m confident you will get something positive from it!   Some of the exercises will have different options to try, to suit your own style and your art form.
What is the course (and what isn’t it)?

The course will be a series of exercises, tips and small, fun projects to get your creativity flowing.  It’s particularly good for anyone who is a little stuck creatively, or hasn’t done anything arty in a long time.

It isn’t a course on specific art technique, or a spiritual teaching, or delving into your deep emotional issues.  

I’m on holiday for some of the time the course is running, does that mean I can’t join in? Would it still be okay to enrol and do it daily when I get back ?

Yes indeedy!  Although the course will be launched on 1 September and runs for 21 days, you can work at your own pace, so starting late is not a problem.

If you know for sure you won’t have time in September/October to do the course, then please join my mailing list and I’ll let you know about the next one!

What if I want to take my creativity further at the end of the course?

I’m pleased you asked!  I will be launching follow-up courses to develop, nurture and expand your creative practice as the course ends.  

How do I sign up?

Registration is currently closed, sorry!  Please sign up for my newsletter for an email letting you know when registration opens for the next round.


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