Get out of the house!!

Another of the ‘Vlog every day in February’ video logs, this time I’m talking about the transformative power of leaving your house!

Our modern culture has blessed us with amazingly self-contained homes, full of things to do – sadly this can erode our habit of going out and interacting with people in the real world. ¬†Leaving your house and enjoying what’s on offer in your community can really change your life – here I share how it changed mine.

Here is Anja McCloskey

I am vlogging every day in February as part of Tamara Laporte’s challenge – if you want to watch the other vlogs, here they are:


Get out of the house!! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for remembering those of us who would wish to attend venues, classes and the like but for those ‘famous’ reasons beyond our control are unable to attend. I think you are so right about the need to connect face to face not just for the culture or learning but for that precious gift, recognition in an others eyes. I would still dearly love to visit venues and be thrilled by live music, dance, theatre and much else besides but rarely if ever manage this these days as the vagaries of an AWOL body create too many obstacles one way and another. I still continue to try for events between 10am and 2pm, which is my best ‘window of opportunity’, so will take myself off to a gallery or short course if the access is good to the venue and they have disability facilities but have been stymied when arriving at what I have been told is an accessible venue to find steep stone steps up to the door or better still great venue access and then narrow steep stars down to room where class is being held or where disability facilities are lurking.

  2. This is a challenge isn’t it – happily things are improving, but it is slow progress