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Mailing list welcome page — 8 Comments

  1. I LOVE what you have to say. It so deeply resonates/touches me in my heart. One so young, with so much wisdom – lovely to see my dear. I’m 74 and have not gathered that many with your in-sight and realizations. There are a very small few, and maybe that’s how it is and is meant to be – who knows? So looking forward to what’s to come~!

  2. Thanks Jean, lovely to connect with you! I’m sure there’s plenty you’ve figured out that I’ve not got close to yet, but I hope to 🙂 Also, thanks for calling me ‘young’ – it doesn’t happen much these days!!

  3. Hi Jani
    I came across your site quite unexpectedly . Was looking at something totally unrelated; celebrity news! Something must hv guided me here because I’m in dire need of a creativity boost. My three wonderful children have all grown up n I’ve just this year made up my mind to fulfill my dream of selling my craft work online but two months ago I discovered I had thyroid and lymph node cancer. Tough luck I said and what horrid timing. Well , I’ve been for the operation and am now awaiting radio active iodine therapy. I’m feeling well, but tired and all my inspiration is in hibernation. I sure could use kick up my rear! Here’s hoping you’ll help me revive my creativity.

  4. I’m on the 3rd day of the enchantment course. I love it! Got to share a surprising thing that happened when I did the second day. Where I live, in Singapore, we do not hv much open spaces as most homes here are high rise. Very very crowded actually. I didn’t hv the energy to go downstairs from my appartment and was about to give up on the wind part when lo and be hold, after a hot sunny morning there came a rainstorm that brought huge gusts of wind and rain that sent some things in my kitchen clattering. So I ran in to close the window and was wonderfully plastered with rain and fabulously whipped with strong gusts of wind . It felt so great I didn’t care that my face n chest were soaking wet not to mention part of my kitchen. The wind found me just like I found your site. I think the powers that be are listening finally.

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