We’re not all the same – and that’s OK

Today’s vlog, in which I chat about how we are NOT all the same, and how subscribing to this notion can be harmful to true diversity and connection. At the end you get 30 seconds of my all-women drumming group rehearsing!

I am vlogging every day in February as part of Tamara Laporte’s challenge – if you want to watch the other vlogs, here they are:


We’re not all the same – and that’s OK — 4 Comments

  1. I have this pet peeve where people say something like “If I can do it, anyone can”, because I think it also relies on that assumption that everyone is the same and can do the same things.

    I’ve learned a lot recently about accepting others for who they are (not simply by mentally going “OK they’re just crazy” lol). That other people’s experiences are not necessarily the same as mine, and that’s OK. It doesn’t invalidate either party or their experience. It’s much more peaceful inside my head that way!

  2. Mmmm, connecting with people who are different from me. I tend to stand back a lot, before committing myself to any relationship, and just allow the person to kinda, wash over me, see what’s what and how the parts “fit” or don’t

    I have to keep reminding myself that its so easy to project away from myself the parts of me that I don’t like, onto others, so if someone is controlling, then I gotta ask, OK how controlling am I? It doesn’t always work either, so easy to get carried away with “(s)he is like this…or that…and I don’t like that.. In the end, there’s always a choice, stay with it or let it go. My other part is the bit that wants to care for or look after, which…is an old habit, and I can still get sucked in by neediness, and end up giving more than I want to.

    And…there are those who fit, those who work with who I am, and that is lovely, and takes time to develop…


    Random mutterings..