What people are saying

“..you are a juicy blessing on the planet …”  

                                   Clare Campbell, Artist & Queen of Gorgeousness

“Jani is a good communicator and very reliable, as well as being able to come up  with projects that really engage the imaginations of the participants. She has been a great asset supporting our learning disabled clients.”

                                   Stuart Jebbitt, Art Together Now 

On the UnEarth your Creative Nature eCourse….

“I’ve enjoyed the first exercise – and I like the way your positive-earthy-sparkly energy comes through in your videos!” (Joanna)

“I Think I’m in love…very much like your videos and your style – enjoying the homework – looking forward to having TOO MUCH FUN!” (Cheryl)

“It wasn’t easy to decide on what I do that is creative but by watching your down to earth and amusing videos I realise I need to keep it simple. Week 1 – I am feeling excited.” (Sue) 

“I love so far what I saw. I had just a tiny sneak preview and am eager to start right away. Very professionally made” (Iris)

“I’ve started your course today and have been pleasantly surprised by all the ways that I feel I’m being creative – and also have enjoyed identifying all the things that I want do, as well as exploring how to appreciate approaching every moment creatively!  …… I’ve been feeling quite lonely in my appreciation of bubbles, glitter and fairy wings but no more ! Thank you Jani for opening up a whole new world for me x” (Tracey) 

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for this incredibly lovely e-course, My daughter and I are doing this together and it is so much fun!” 

My little one had an amazing time,(so did I:) It showed both of us the re-invigorating, soul-filling, happy-making aspects of art I think you can forget when you’re trying to finish projects or make a living…” (Lisa)

“….thank you so much for this course. Its given me such a lift right now, and given some structure to my journey through life. Just what I needed, though I didn’t know it.” (Steph)

Jani – You are adorable and fun. I made my map and will doodle each day. Thank you for your creative energy!” (Kathy Anne) 

On Creative Mentoring Sessions

“Wow Jani, this has been unbelievably helpful and constructive! I was ready but directionless and without the confidence to push it forwards, so it’s made a huge difference, thankyou :)” (Lisa)

“Thanks, Jani, that was really helpful, not to mention uplifting.” (Laura)

When I wrote my strengths down (in a Jani creative consultation, do one, they’re fab :), a lot of them (if not all) came from things I’d considered to be a blocks or barriers to my making stuff at my full potential… go figure! 🙂 …..Good stuff Jani as always, thanks! 🙂 xx (Lisa)     

On my workshops

“Thank you! Wonderful workshop today – I will be messing up my sketchbook tomorrow morning.” (Chris – on the Creativity Booster)


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